Girls in Pearls: Embracing Both Sisterhood and Fashion
Emmitt Williams

Video Content by Kyle Behnke

From chemistry lab manager to owner of her own boutique, Margaret O’Connor Govett has always want­ed to do what she does today. She packed up her lab equipment and opened up for business downtown in early September.

With a husband who works at the University of Wisconsin – Stevens Point and as a former chem­istry lab manager at the university, O’Connor Govett is thrilled about her new store, Girls in Pearls, ben­efiting Stevens Point‘s downtown area.

She has been pleased and slight­ly overwhelmed with the reception she has gotten from other women and businesses downtown. The store’s popularity even garnered a visit from the mayor.

“I didn’t think it would be this busy, which is a good challenge,” O’Connor Govett said.

Girls in Pearls may be just what women in the Stevens Point area have been waiting for. It’s a spot to call their own, allowing them to embrace both sisterhood and fashion just minutes away from campus. 

​Margaret O’Connor Govett- owner of
the new Girls in Pearls Boutique located in
downtown Stevens Point.

girlsPearls2.jpgAlthough O’Connor Govett has yet to find a way to attract more students downtown, she hopes to and has had a decent amount of students come visit. She believes the amount will improve through word of mouth.

“I have had a lot of my past stu­dents in the chemistry department come in to see what exactly it is I’m doing,” O’Connor Govett said.

Products from Girls in Pearls are meant to be timeless, to attract women of all kinds. She hopes this becomes a reality for her student audience as well.

“I also have a subset of cloth­ing that is very appealing to young women,” O’Connor Govett said.

After speaking with Megan Cahill, a fifth-year senior double-majoring in psychology and sociol­ogy, it is evident that women of the younger generation also need a place just for them – a place that represents them as women along with their sense of style.

​Unique jewelry pieces are some of
the items available at Girls in Pearls. The
store also carries clothing and accessories
such as scarves and purses.

“The clothes don’t fit my indi­viduality. However, the jewelry is very eye-catching and does a good job with capturing the individual,” Cahill said.

Cahill believes that the cloth­ing at Girls in Pearls is fit for an older audience or appropriate for an interview but not as targeted to a college audience as she would like. However, she appreciates that Girls in Pearls offers a place where the spirit of women can abound and finds that it is much needed in a community like Stevens Point.

“I feel like we’re in this patri­archal society, especially being in a small town, so it’s nice to see a change to develop style for women,” Cahill said.

Girls in Pearls is just a stepping stone for women in Stevens Point who, some secretly and some out­wardly, have felt voiceless. O’Connor Govett has spoken up through her pursuits of fashion, leading her to open Girls in Pearls. Although it may not represent all women, this is just the beginning.

Girls in Pearls is located down­town Stevens Point and carries both local products and those from all over the world. If you’re looking for scarfs, purses, clothing, or jewelry, it may be worthwhile to stop by. You may find something you like!

Girls in Pearls is open Monday, Tuesday, Thursday, and Friday 10 am to 6 pm, Wednesday 10 am to 8 pm, and Saturday 9 am to 4 pm.