From Tiger to Domestic Cat - COMMENTARY
Andy Hesse
What do Tim Tebow and Tiger Woods have in common? Answer: when they are not playing well, they are still talked about way too much.
It almost seems that since Woods' episode on Thanksgiving of 2009, the golf world has lost a sense of 'sport' and become merely a reality show. For example, it is hard to find someone who knows that a 24-year-old from Washington is on top of the PGA standings.
Currently, Tiger finds himself all over the news in the early stages of the 2012 PGA Tour, for two reasons. First, he is playing in his first PGA Tournament of the year. Second, he performed almost surprisingly well at the Abu Dhabi Championship on the European circuit, finishing in a tie for third.
​Photo by Keith Allison.  Courtesy of Wikimedia Foundation.
This weekend Woods will pair up with Dallas Cowboys quarterback Tony Romo for the AT&T Pro-Am at Pebble Beach. Romo, who during the NFL lockout flirted with the idea of joining the PGA Tour until the lockout was over, is roughly a two handicap.
It's often misinterpreted that drama is a part of sports. Yes, drama is what we seek, but dramatic lives are distracting (see Kardashian, Kim). A crazy Swedish supermodel with a nine-iron is for horror movies and calendars. It’s not the same as a Nike One Black hugging the lip of the hole to win a green jacket.
For the sake of golf and all its excitement, I look to 2012 as a year of pure sport. I want to see Rory McIlroy hold off Tiger to win a Major, then follow the loss with a win at the next Major. All I ask is that greens in regulation become more important than servers in Las Vegas. Well, at least in golf.