Drink of the Month
Rachel Pukall

brewhaus-1-color-sfeld.jpgEvery month, the University of Wisconsin—Stevens Point Brewhaus has a drink of the month. This month, the drink is called the Chai’nt Pumpkin.

The Chai’nt Pumpkin is a special mixture of chai with steamed milk and espresso with whipped cream and pumpkin spices on top.

“I find Chai’nt pumpkin to be a clever and funny name. It’s funny because customers will say it a few times and then go, ‘Oh, I get it! Like Giant Pumpkin!’ It’s great,” said Lindsay Kopp, a student majoring in music who works at the Brewhaus.

When naming the drinks, they try to make a play on words. There was also a drink named “Chai Me Down and Orchard Me”, which was a mixture of chai and apple cider.

The ingredients for the Drink of the Month are pre-decided, and then the Brewhaus staff votes on a name for the drink.

​The University of Wisconsin—Stevens Point Brewhaus’s drink of the month
this month is called, the Chai’nt Pumpkin. It is a special mixture of chai
with steamed milk and espresso with whipped cream and pumpkin spices
on top. Photo by Samantha Feld.

“We toss out our most clever or funny names, and everyone votes on which one we think is best,” Kopp said.

“The drink of the month is just for fun, and it’s nice to correlate the flavors of a season into a drink. We all pitch ideas for the drink, but the real fun comes in naming it,” said Maddy Moths, a student majoring in elementary education who also works at the Brewhaus.

Some customers still ask for old Drinks of the Month, and the employees are happy to make them for them.

“My favorite one this year has been the Caramel my Apple, which was a cider drink with caramel,” Kopp said.

Moths agreed that this was also one of her favorites and that The Drink of the Month is a great attention-grabber for the Brewhaus.

“It allows us to come up with creative drinks so everyone can try something new,” Kopp said.

Moths has only been working at the Brewhaus for a few weeks, but she loves it.

“It’s typically pretty relaxed and my coworkers are the best. Everyone jokes around, customers too,” Moths said.

Because the workers at the Brewhaus are such jokesters, Halloween was pretty goofy.

“Someone had the idea to hide these creepy dolls around behind the counter. I guess one of them broke because I’d be digging in the fridge for something and suddenly find the eyeball of a doll sitting there,” Moths said.

Kopp also enjoys her job at the Brewhaus.

“I love being able to interact with other college students all day at work and learn the tricks to making drinks,” Kopp said.

Next month, the Brewhaus is letting customers vote with employees on the name for the Drink of the Month.

“Next month’s drink contains cranberry, white chocolate, and peppermint. The drink of the month contest is on the Brewhaus’s Facebook page, and you can vote by clicking on the UPick Challenge link,” Kopp said.

More information can also be found in the Brewhaus.