90FM Album Review: Cy Dune – No Recognize
Mitchell Sluzewski

Some of you may know the name Seth Olinsky from his work as guitarist for the band Akron/Family, well he has started a new band named Cy Dune. The creation of this band has a pretty neat story. During his time with Akron/Family Seth put together a 100 songs into one book, finished and demoed in 2010. In 2011 Seth moved to Arizona where he was looking to record a “primitivist-blues-old-New-Weird-America”, working only with an acoustic guitar and a recorder. He didn’t feel any of it was recordable until Christmas 2011, when he rediscovered rock ‘n’ roll in an Patti Smith album he had just recieved. He then plugged in his electric guitar and the “songs ripped themselves into being, bursting out as sheets of guitar-shredding sound like explosions written on the wall.”


Cy Dune definitely accomplishes Seth’s goal of a “primitivist-blues-old- New-Weird-America,” but definitely not in the acoustic way. Imagine if punk and blues made a baby and Cy Dune is what you would get. This band is gritty, discordant, and produces solid walls of sound that will bring out the punk in all of us. The influence from Blues really shows through. This is especially true in the guitar licks and in the howling of the vocals. Tracks to look out for are “Where the Wild Things”, “No Recognize”, and “Move the Room”. “Where the Wild Things” is the opening track to the album and right away it slams you in the face. Once you get over the trauma you begin to hear the blues guitar doing impressive riffs. “No Recognize”, the title track, is plodding, heavy, and really shows off Seth’s vocals. “Move the Room” will leave your head spinning in a good way with its hooky style. So far I have been impressed with this little 6 track EP. It’s loud, strange, and familiar, like your Dad during the Fourth of July.