Convocation Kickoff
Morgan Zwart

The University of Wisconsin - Stevens Point held convocation on Aug. 30, an event serving as an academic introduction to the campus.

Bernie Patterson, chancellor of UWSP, commissioned a replica of the cupola from the iconic Old Main building in 2012, to be a part o the university’s ceremonies. These ceremonies include the two events on campus; the convocation, and commencement ceremonies.

This new tradition began when the first year students sealed their covenant with the university by touching the cupola as they departed from the event. The faculty and staff renewed their commitment in the same way.

“UW-Stevens Point used to hold a convocation event years ago,” said Nick Schultz, Media Relations Director. “This is the first time faculty, staff and students made a pledge and touched the replica of the cupola.”

The convocation event focused on the opportunities for students to forge a social and academic connection to the university. This event also was an opportunity for students to meet faculty and staff members.

During this ceremony the students, faculty and staff made a covenant. There were two pledges made, one by the students and one by the faculty.

The faculty and staff’s pledge was to help and support the students on their path to understanding and higher education. This pledge also was made to recognize that education is a shared responsibility and requires the collective effort of the whole university community.

The student’s pledge asked them to make it their mission to discover and to strive to see the world from a new perspective. It was suggested that they broadened their perspectives by studying different languages, ethnicities, and beliefs as well as honing intellectual skills in math, science, and history.

“It inspired me to get out and try new things in college,” said Jenny Fischer, a freshmen at UWSP.

The ceremony also featured Nancy Page as keynote speaker. Page earned her master’s degree in professional development and bachelor’s degree in physical education at UWSP.

In her speech she talked about Title IX, which is the federal law prohibiting sex discrimination in educational institutions, as well as women in the sports department.

Melissa Holk, a new freshman attending convocation, commented on the speech.

“I liked the topic about the equality in women’s sports,” Holck said. “I found it very powerful.”

There will be a commencement on Dec. 14 this year at 10 a.m. where the bookend tradition will be observed.​