Concert Review: The Daredevil Christopher Wright
Rachel Hanson
The Daredevil Christopher Wright sounds like the angsty son of Fleet Foxes and Simon and Garfunkel, who was sent to live with Vampire Weekend for most of his teen years.
The band, comprised of brothers Jon and Jason Sunde and drummer Jesse Edgington, hails from Eau Claire, WI, a town that is quickly becoming a Midwest indie music Mecca. Their most recent album, ‘In Deference to a Broken Back,’ was released on Ambledown Records and was partially mixed by Bon Iver's Justin Vernon.
They've performed all over the world, and to have them here at UWSP was indeed a treat. UWSP student Nick Boehm performed a short solo set that was easy on the ears and readied the crowd quite well for the epicness to follow. The Daredevil Christopher Wright packed every seat in the Encore and gave us all a concert we won't soon forget.
The show was chock full of sway-this-way kind of waltzy tunes and a few numbers that had the crowd and band clapping simultaneously. Soon a group from the front of the audience started dancing around and in front of tables; not a soul in the room objected to their outpouring of joy, as we could all feel it. The band was able to go off on beautiful musical tangents, come back together instantaneously with powerful harmonies, and end a song with vigor. All signs point to “greatness.”
Days after the show, “Stewardess” is still on repeat in my head. Check out their album at

Jesse Edgington, drummer and vocalist for The Daredevil
Christopher Wright​, performs at The Encore at UWSP.
Photo by Rachel Hanson