Chancellor’s Welcome Letter
Bernie Patterson

I am so pleased you have chosen to be part of the wonderful University of Wisconsin-Stevens Point community.

 To give you a snapshot of the student body this year, our enrollment management team pulled some preliminary figures I think you may find interesting.

As of the last day of August, 9595 students had enrolled at UW-Stevens Point for the fall semester. Approximately 1600 are first-year students and 765 transferred from other institutions. While 90 percent of our students hail from Wisconsin, our student body also has representatives from 35 of the 50 states in the United States of America. Ten percent of our students are domestic or international persons of color.

Considering we are located in Central Wisconsin, you may be surprised by the international feel of our university. This year, 165 students from 31 countries around the globe are attending UW-Stevens Point. The top five countries represented are China, South Korea, Japan, Saudi Arabia and Thailand.

 Undergraduates are by far the largest group, representing 95 percent of enrolled students. The additional five percent are graduate students (two percent) and continuing education students (three percent). More than 90 percent are attending school full time.


There are some physical changes to campus since last semester. For the first time in 15 years, Reserve Street, the major north/south corridor of campus, is open for two-way traffic. Please be sure to look both ways when entering from side streets!

At their August meeting, the Board of Regents backed a major investment in our campus—our new $75 million Science Building.  While the funding request still awaits building commission and legislative approval, I am very optimistic we will see the completion of the state-of-the-art learning space in 2016.

Be sure to check out the new Athletics logo. The purple and gold pointer provides a singular, dynamic, modern look for our athletics equipment apparel and products. One of the most dramatic depictions of the new logo is on the floor of the Quandt Fieldhouse, home of Pointer’s men’s basketball. Our much beloved mascot, Stevie Pointer, will continue to entertain fans at games and represent the university at community events.

The iconic structure on campus is the cupola, the architectural pinnacle of the university’s first building, Old Main, and the symbol of the institution. The cupola represents UW-Stevens Point’s history and future as a guiding light to students, alumni, friends and our community. This summer we installed energy efficient lighting for the cupola, which may now be bathed in purple and gold light for very special occasions. I had a little fun flipping the switch during this summer’s Founder’s Day event. Look for the video of my adventure on the university’s YouTube channel

Each and every day, the faculty and staff of your university strive to provide you with the best possible education for a fair and reasonable price. We care deeply about student success. However, how much value you get from your education depends a great deal on the choices you make.

In addition to attending classes and completing assignments, I hope you will engage with the Student Government Association or another of the nearly 200 student organizations at UW-Stevens Point. You may choose to participate in Pointer Athletics or intramurals, attend arts events, visit the planetarium, volunteer in the community, walk or ride a bicycle through Schmeeckle Reserve, travel abroad or participate in any of the multitude of opportunities at your fingertips.

You will often see me at university events and walking across campus. Please say hello. I want to know you, to hear about your challenges and triumphs, to listen to your hopes and dreams. My office is on the second floor of Old Main and I maintain an open door policy. 

Enjoy the beginning of the New Year!


Bernie L. Patterson