Brewhaus Employees Doodle Away
Erik Kersting

If you frequent the Brewhaus, you may have noticed the drawings on the menu displaying the Drink of the Month or Beer of the Week.  While these drawings are only temporary, they offer insight into the baristas who create them.

Most of the doodles are drawn by employees of the Brewhaus.  Liz Westberg, a wildlife ecology and art major, loves to apply her major to her job as a barista.

“I have also done some in the past from a couple of years ago, but back then there was less space on the board to do them, and they've not been nearly as intricate as they have this year,” Westberg said.

Beyond making the standard wage for extra time spent on these drawings, there is also a certain amount of pride in drawing them.

“Customers comment on the drawings and ask who did them. It's always nice to hear that they're appreciated. We typically get a lot of compliments,” Westberg said.

Sarah Mark, a art major with a 2D focus and barista at the Brewhaus, also contributes her drawing skills to the chalkboards.

The baristas often use art as a way to pass the time and entertain each other.  They have even started a game behind the counter where they each contribute their sketches and doodles.

“Since the game started, doodles have been showing up all over our workspace simply to bring a laugh or encourage our hard work,” Mark said.

Maddy Mothes, an elementary education major and Brewhaus barista, has also contributed her artistic talents to the coffeehouse.

“I've only done one official Drink of the Month drawing—the albino squirrel—and occasionally draw the sign for the beer of the week. The other drawings have been done by other baristas or managers,” Mothes said.

There is a lot of hidden talent in the Brewhaus staff, revealed when they draw comics and other doodles behind the scenes.

The Brewhaus artists often find their inspiration for their drawings within the name of the associated drinks.

“The incentive is just to add some fun and personality. They catch the eye.  Sometimes they're funny or witty to go along with whatever the drink is—just something to jazz it up a bit,” Mothes said. “Our inspiration comes from the flavors we choose for the drink or a play on something in pop culture. We just try to have fun with it.”

While they may be relatively new, the Brewhaus doodles are sure to be a method through which baristas can express themselves and enjoy the company of their coworkers for years to come.