Bike Rental Program Aims to Move Students
Erik Kersting

On any given spring or autumn day, you are bound to see a few students on bikes. In such a spread-out city, with lanes specifically for bicycles and biking paths like the Green Circle Trail, bicycling is a natural part of life here in Stevens Point.

The Bike Rental Program started by the Student Government Association has the goal of arming students on campus with bicycles so they can enjoy the city of Stevens Point. With their bicycles, students can go downtown with ease, take a ride on a trail or get to class on time.

The program has many students excited, including Leah Mancl.

“I like the idea because I wouldn’t have to transfer my bike from home to campus. Since the weather here isn’t conducive for bike riding all year round, it’d be nice to just have one around whenever the weather happens to be nice. Also, I wouldn’t have to worry about my bike being stolen,” Mancl said.

Olivia Locasio, another student at the University of Wisconsin-Stevens Point, is also excited about the program.

“It would prevent me from having to madly sprint to class as a last-ditch effort to get there in time. Plus, I could use the bike to get to places off campus that would normally take a good amount of time to walk to,” Locasio said. “I also wouldn’t mind to take a relaxing bike ride with some friends.”

Andrea Hamann, a sophomore at UWSP, also likes the idea of the program.

“Well, I have my own bike, but it is pretty bad. I would probably use it if it did not raise my tuition or caused money issues for the university,” Hamann said.

While the program has attracted a lot of praise, it has also faced its share of challenges. Trina Pearson is currently leading the program and notes that there is a lack of bicycles to meet the needs of students right now.

“All the bikes have been rented out since the very beginning of the year, and any additional students looking to get a bike from us have to be put on a waiting list,” Pearson said.

The program has also had a problem with finding space on campus to store the bicycles.

While there may be problems facing the program, Pearson keeps looking forward.

“Our hope for the future is that we will have more money to make the bike rental what it should be—available for all students and not just the first few that ask about the program,” Pearson said.

To access the program, head over to the SGA office in the lower level of the Dreyfus University Center.