Becoming Stevie Pointer
Kaitlyn Luckow
stevie-4-color-sfeld.gifPhil Barker, a senior computer information systems major, has "always wanted to be Stevie Pointer."
Growing up in Plainfield, Wis., Barker said, "I’ve been coming to Stevens Point sport games for the last 10 years."
Tryouts to be Stevie Pointer were held this past Wednesday night, combined with cheerleading tryouts in room 110 at the Health Enhancement Center. The room was filled with cheerleaders stretching and nervously talking about their cheer experience as well as people filling out a quick questionnaire before trying out.
"I’m nervous," Barker said when asked how he felt before tryouts began. "Being Stevie is being a part of the school, part of the university."
Shortly after arriving at tryouts, the cheerleading coach, Sue Poeschl announced, "We’re gonna get you the suit!" Of course referring to the Stevie Pointer mascot suit.

​Top: Barker taking the stairs to the gym for the first time as Stevie Pointer.
Middle: Barker discussing tryout details with Cheerleading Coach Sue Poeschi.
Bottom: Stevie Pointer showing off his mascott skills at the tryouts.
Photos by Samantha Feld.
stevie-5-color-sfeld.gif"I want Stevie Pointer to project to the crowd, to be animated and outgoing," Poeschl said when asked what she is looking for in a potential Stevie. Poeschl also wants Stevie Pointer to connect and interact with the cheerleading team during games.
The Stevie Pointer suit is held in a small closet in the HEC, where Barker went to put it on. I asked Barker how he felt after putting on the suit, but one of the cheerleaders responded for him.
"Dogs can’t talk," he said.
Barker then spent the rest of the tryout cheering on and dancing to Top 40 hits with cheerleaders who were also trying out to be on the team.
Poeschl said that more Stevie Pointers are needed because Stevie is requested to appear at many events throughout the year.

If interested in trying out, contact Poeschl at sue.poeschel@yahoo. com or 715-325-3035.