A Bit of Gourmet Freshness
Monica Lenius
Amid the oblivious crowd of upper Debot eaters was a competition of epic proportions. Not a food fight as some might think or a battle over the last bit of waffle batter; it was the third annual Iron Chef Point.

For those of you who have not watched the television show, Iron Chef is a timed cooking battle using a specific themed ingredient. For this competition, the secret ingredient was local pork and squash.

"We incorporate local foods as much as possible for the master ingredients. The competition is all about students having a little fun working with food," said Mark Hayes, director of University Dining Services.

The six teams were judged on presentation, temperature, flavor of the dish, and use of local ingredients. First place received a gift card for Emy J’s. The winner ended up being 241 Sweet Treats consisting of Sarah Follensbee, Alicia Skrenes (captain), Dean Tomchek and Becca Schmidt with their risotto, pork scallopini, and compote mixture of apples, pears, figs, cranberries and apple cider.

"The pork on the winning team was amazing. Combine that with the rest of their dish and it was supreme. They just had it together," said Judge Andrew Minten.
The winning team didn’t want to take the competition too seriously though.

"We got to make matching shirts and wear matching yellow bandanas. We sort of entered the competition for fun and just wanted to see how it would turn out. Who knew we would actually make something delicious! There was only a little bit of our plate left after judging, but we each were able to try some, and it was really tasty! My favorite was the compote," Schmidt said.

​Students prepare their ingredients in the Iron Chef competition.
Photo by Samantha Feld.