90FM Music Review - Gary Clark, Jr.:"The Bright Lights EP" Review
Dylan Shanahan
"You gonna know my name by the end of the night."

Gary Clark, Jr., a name you will remember after listening to his new EP, "The Bright Lights EP," has come up with something truly remarkable. If you enjoy groovy bass lines, epic blues riffs and a swingin’ drum beat, this is where you get your kicks.

With a voice of a true blues player, Gary Clark, Jr., reinvents the blues genre with an array of sounds reaching from melodic vocal-based songs to the grungy, gritty blues shuffle, creating a very versatile album that can aid in moods of frustration to inspiration.

Many of the blues riffs reminded me of Jimi Hendrix in sound, not style, that made me have a newfound appreciation for calm blues music. It’s something that will literally have your eardrums starving for more.

Like a lot of music nowadays it does a fantastic job at taking the many greats of its genre and molding them into a sound all their own. Rock & roll/blues isn’t dead, people, it only took shotgun for a while.

With the help of a major record label, WB, it’s produced flawlessly and only for an EP. With just EPs of Gary Clark showing this muck spunk, I can’t help but think rock and blues are back in the driver’s seat.

Gary Clark’s fun and new take on the rock and blues genre is truly a breath of fresh air. The power and soul of the music is so strong it literally captivates you and is a must-listen if you enjoy rock or blues alternative.

"The Bright Lights EP" is a shining beacon which will hopefully light the path for many other up and coming rock and blues bands.