90FM Album Review:Sallie Ford and the Sound Outside
Dan Waterman


Sallie Ford and the Sound Outside deliver a snappy, upbeat and chipper performance on their 3rd album, Untamed Beast.

Don’t be fooled into thinking that Sallie Ford is the quite reserved type as her quirky librarian glasses would suggest. When it comes down to it, she can belt it with the best of them.

Sallie Ford and the Sound Outside are in the same vain as the Alabama Shakes, except I’d give Sallie Ford and the Sound Outside more hipster cred. They put their Portland, Oregon spin on the retro, vintage sound that’s been surging into popularity.

Untamed Beast is the type of album that would be as popular now as it would be if it were released in the 60’s or 70’s. What’s more is that you could listen to the album in its entirety in almost any situation and enjoy yourself. In other words, you could use it as a soundtrack for spring cleaning and have a blast!

I get the feeling that Sallie Ford could sing about anything and sound like a bad-ass. In the song “Addicted”, Ford has a whole verse where she exclaims how “Cold Turkey, It’s a bad idea,” and it’s brilliant. Even though the song is clearly a song about desperation (the chorus is simply, “How will I get over you.”) Ford’s powerful voice overcomes any helpless vibes you get from the lyrics.

Some of the tracks on the album give off a groovy surf rock feel. The Ventures would get a kick out of the track “Bad Boys”. Classic tube reverb and tremolo make this song stand out.

My favorite part about Sallie Ford is that she’s not afraid to have a bit of a potty mouth. Normally I’m immediately skeptical when an artist feels the need to be too obscene in their songs. However, if gracefully cussing was an art form, then Ford would be at the cutting edge.

The best part of the record is that Partisan Records released the album with clean versions of the songs in question. That way, when you call 90FM to request a song from Untamed Beast, we can play it without having to worry about any hefty FCC fines.