90FM Album Review - The Beets - Let the Poison Out
Dylan Shanahan
Right out the gate with this album you get a wave of rock and roll, folkish indie straight to the dome. This new album has very uplifting, groovy, rhythmic sections that have you rocking back and fourth like a metronome. The style is very much it’s own. I, personally have a difficult time even likening it to other bands.

However, the excessive use of slow bass riffs and acoustics do remind me of The Magnetic Zero’s song "Home," just not on that level. They did do a pretty interesting incorporation of a flute, which I thought had an extremely whimsical trippy sense to it. As the album progresses, it has even more trippy in-between sections that leave you wondering what exactly is going on, only to surprise you with a funky bass line and drums that leave in you in mildly euphoric awe. Nothing is really "pushing the envelope" here, but it does have a really interesting combination of songs, which reinforces a nostalgic appreciation of this style of music.

The lyrics happen to be the most outstanding aspect in my opinion. This is because more than one person is singing the entire time (hence the reference to "home") which makes you just want to jump in and sing a few lines. Along with the "oohs" and "aahs," the backup vocals give it a stellar essence few bands capture well.

Overall I have to say it’s not groundbreaking by any means. Definitely worth the listen, though, due to its enchanting lyrics, silly, uplifting chord progressions and fitting bass and drums will really have you walking away with a smile.