90FM Album Review - S. Carey - “Hoyas”
Mitchel De Santis - Program Director at 90FM

The Grammy winds have settled and Wisconsin native Justin Vernon now has himself a nice shiny gold painted trophy to be proud about. That being said many people are still confused on whether "Bon Iver" is a single guy or a full band. Though Vernon can be considered the lyricist and face of the band, to say that "Bon Iver" is just some dude with a beard and a guitar is a complete lie, Vernon has eight other band members supporting him. Lets focus on his drummer Sean Carey and his promising solo career.

If you are familiar with Carey’s solo benefactions you are well aware of his first ambient folk album, All We Grow. The album was warm, subtle, and most of all perfect for a drive down a county road at dusk. However let’s face it you got to your destination, it is now dark, and lets be blunt, it is time to go back home. Carey’s new EP, Hoyas, is perfect for that long nighttime drive back home. Prepare yourself however, Hoyas, is completely different then his debut album, in fact it’s actually a bit of a surprise how different it is. That being said, it’s a good surprise.


​S. Carey - "Hoyas" 2012 Jagjaguwar Records

Hoyas is an electronic and beat driven EP, the folk is gone kids. However it is probably the most heartfelt electronic music I’ve
listened to in a long time. With a sound that fills the atmosphere and lyrics that barely go above an auto-tuned whisper it is a great
album to close your eyes, breathe in, and just focus on.

The opening track and single, "Two Angles," begins with a quiet almost tribal like beat followed by guitar and horns that maintain a feeling of apathetic sway through the entirety of the track, truly a mesmerizing song.
The last track Marfa kicks off with a crescendo of synth, strategically followed by a repetitive lighthearted beat, we are then entranced with the almost undecipherable duet with Carey and a faint female backup vocalist. The song makes for a perfect nighttime hike with your iPod at your side.
Hoyas only disappoints when comparing it to Carey’s debut, All We Grow. All-embracing it is a delightful EP, the next night you have free, pick up Hoyas and go for a long evening drive.