“America’s Next Top Model” Comes to Wausau
Rachel Pukall

The “America’s Next Top Model” casting crew was recently in Wausau hosting auditions for the show at The Patriot Center. Many people tried out, including some from Stevens Point.

Abigail Wadzinski, who lives in Stevens Point and is very close to finishing her criminal justice degree, was one of the contestants.

“It was kind of a last-minute deci­sion. I doubted myself only being 5’4” when it was listed that the height to audition needed to be at least 5’7”. A woman working the audition told me they made exceptions and encour­aged me to get up and go for it, so I did,” Wadzinski said.

The casting crew set up a confer­ence room with a stage in the middle and chairs on both the left and right of it. There was a microphone at the end of the stage and a panel set up for the judges.

Before the auditions started, each contestant went through a series of booths where people from The CW television station helped to prepare each individual envelope that was mailed in for the chance to compete on America’s Next Top Model.

Inside each envelope was a pack­et of interview questions, photos of the contestant and basic information.

“I was extremely nervous, but while I sat and waited for my number to be called, I met a lot of awesome people who did nothing but cheer and encourage each other. It was great to see everyone being so supportive, and it also took a lot of the nervous feelings that I think a lot of us were experiencing away,” Wadzinski said.

As each contestant took the stage, the crew took note as each contes­tant walked up and down the stage, struck a pose and answered the ques­tions asked by the judges.

“I’m terrible in heels, so I was super nervous for the walk. I just kept reminding myself that confi­dence is key. This was my time to shine. When I was finished, I felt really good and glad I had the cour­age to do it,” Wadzinski said.

This season of “America’s Next Top Model” also has a twist because it is the first co-ed edition.

“It would be awesome to be a part of a season where both males and females compete against one another,” Wadzinkski said. “I think this idea is really a beneficial one. Different viewpoints from both men and women will bring some excel­lent critiquing and tips. I would take everything I learn and apply it to my modeling career and life in general. It would be an excellent opportunity that I would take full advantage of.”

Envelopes with photos, informa­tion, and videos of interview ques­tions have been mailed in, so now contestants are waiting to hear who will be competing on the show from The CW and “America’s Next Top Model.”

“If I were to be chosen for the show, I would be extremely proud of myself and anxious to get started. I would give it my all and make each day a challenge to myself to do my best,” Wadzinski said. “I would be thrilled to be meeting so many people sharing a common passion and goal all in a new environment.”