Sebastian Zamfir


Contact Information
​Office: ​SCI B205
​Phone: ​715.346.4462
​Fax: ​715.346.2944

Ph.D. Physics, University of Alabama at Tuscaloosa
M.S. Physics, University of Bucharest, Romania
B.S. Physics, University of Bucaharest, Romania

PHYS 201 - Applied Principles of Physics I
PHYS 202 - Applied Principles of Physics II

Research Interests
Extragalactic astronomy - phenomology of AGN, Quasar spectroscopy, Radio-loud/Radio-quiet dichotomy, galaxy formation and evolution.

Select Publications
“Broad Line Region Physical Conditions Along the Quasar Eigenvector 1 Sequence” (Marziani, P.; Sulentic, J. W.; Negrete, A. C.; Dultzin, D.; Zamfir, S.) – submitted to Monthly Notices of the Royal Astronomical Society

“Detailed Characterization of Hβ Emission Line Profile in Low Redshift Quasars” (Zamfir,S.; Sulentic, J. W., Marziani, P., Dultzin, D.) – 2010, Monthly Notices of the Royal Astronomical Society, 403, 1759

“Comparing Hβ Line Profiles in the 4DE1 Context” (Sulentic, J. W.; Marziani, P.; Zamfir, S.) – 2009, New Astronomy Reviews, 53, 198

“Constraining Quasar Structure and Evolution with VLT/ISAAC” (Sulentic, J. W.; Marziani, P.; Stirpe, G. M.; Zamfir, S.; Dultzin, D.; Calvani, M.; Repetto, P.; Zamanov, R.) – European Southern Observatory – 2009, The Messenger, 137, 30

“VLT/ISAAC Spectra of the Hβ Region in Intermediate-Redshift Quasars” (Marziani, P.; Sulentic, J. W.; Stirpe, G. M.; Zamfir, S.; Calvani, M.) – 2009, Astronomy & Astrophysics, 495, 83

“New Insights on the QSO Radio-Loud/Radio-Quiet Dichotomy: SDSS Spectra in the Context of the 4D Eigenvector 1 Parameter Space” (Zamfir, S.; Sulentic, J. W.; Marziani, P.) – 2008, Monthly Notices of the Royal Astronomical Society, 387, 856

Conferences and Presentations
June 2009 – conference “Accretion and Ejection in AGN: A Global View" – Como, Italy – coauthor of “Optical/UV/X-ray Insights into the RL-RQ Dichotomy” (with Sulentic, J. W. and Marziani, P.) – published in proceedings, Editors: L. Maraschi, G. Ghisellini, R. Della Ceca and F. Tavecchio

January 2009 – American Astronomical Society Meeting 213 – Long Beach, California, USA – poster presentation – “Characterization of the Hβ Broad Emission Line in Low Redshift SDSS Quasars” (with Sulentic, J.W. and Marziani, P.)

June 2008 – American Astronomical Society Meeting 212 – St. Louis, Missouri, USA – poster presentation – “Composite SDSS Optical Spectra for Quasars in the Context of 4D Eigenvector 1 Parameter Space” (with Sulentic, J.W. and Marziani, P.)

January 2008 – American Astronomical Society Meeting 211 – Austin, Texas, USA – poster presentation – “Exploration of the Radio-Loud/Radio Quiet Dichotomy for QSO: Using Radio Morphology and 4D Eigenvector 1” (with Sulentic, J.W.; Marziani, P and Dultzin, D.)

6-17 December 2000 – International school of astrophysics Daniel Chalonge, 8th course: “Phase transitions in the early universe: theory and observations” - Erice (Italy)

September 21 – 23, 2000 – Romanian National Physics Conference (Constanta) – poster: “Standard Model of Accretion Discs. Application to Quasar 3C273” – honorary mention awarded

Honors and Awards
October 2000 – August 2001 – “Erasmus” scholarship awarded by European Community to study Astronomy and Astrophysics at the University of Turin, Italy (taking classes) and to do research for the Master of Science Thesis project at the Astronomical Observatory of Turin (Pino Torinse).

August 2007-April 2008 – University of Alabama Graduate Council Fellowship for Research and Creative Activity

Professional Affiliations
  • American Astronomical Society (AAS)

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