Pathways to Point

The Pathways to Point Wilderness Orientation program at the University of Wisconsin-Stevens Point is a great opportunity for you to make a positive transition into college life. Through safe and fun outdoor challenges, you will make new friends, increase your confidence and self-esteem, gain social outdoor skills, and experience personal growth. Connections you make early in your college experience with university staff and fellow freshmen will promote academic success and personal well being. Information about how to sign up for the Pathways to Point program will be included in your freshman orientation materials.


The Pathways to Point program is based on the seven dimensions of wellness. The Wellness Model suggests that people are more than physical beings; they are "holistic" beings and the different dimensions of our lives must be challenged in order to achieve quality of life. Attention must be given to improving and maintaining all dimensions. Here is how the Pathways to Point program addresses the seven main dimensions of wellness:
  1. SOCIAL: Developing and maintaining healthy and supportive relationships and developing an acceptance of others.
  2. PHYSICAL: Maintaining strength, cardiovascular endurance and flexibility.
  3. EMOTIONAL: Increasing self-confidence and enhancing self-esteem.
  4. CAREER: Easing the transition into college life.
  5. INTELLECTUAL: Improving skills, expanding knowledge, and transferring skills from the wilderness setting to the college setting.
  7. SPIRITUAL: Seeking meaning and purpose by developing an appreciation and respect for the outdoors.


Join Pathways to Point and the University of Wisconsin-Stevens Point for an exciting wilderness adventure designed specifically for freshmen. This is a great opportunity to meet new people, experience new things, and have a blast!! Go ahead...try something new! Prior experience is not necessary, however, the trips are moderately strenuous. Read more about trips.


The cost of each trip is $400.00. This fee includes equipment, transportation, meals and instruction. Once accepted, your deposit of $200.00 will secure your place. The balance of $200.00 must be paid at freshman orientation or before your trip is scheduled to leave.


Yes, you are able to get college credit for your experiences! The experiential course is a one-credit Wellness 199 class entitled "Wilderness Orientation." To be eligible for the credit, you must complete the summer trip and attend the 5-week course scheduled for the first eight Thursdays of the fall semester. The course will expand on what you learned on the trip as well as introduce you to campus resources.  Be sure to plan this into your schedule when you register for fall classes.

Cancellation Policy

Should you need to cancel, you will have to contact us. Your deposit is non-refundable. However, if someone on the waiting list is able to take your place, we may be able to issue a partial refund.
Sveindis Meyer


Please feel free to contact us at any time with questions that you may have.
Sveindis Meyer