Unique to UWSP

Practicum experiences in the major.

Prior to student teaching, majors have led teaching opportunities in elementary, secondary and adapted physical education under the supervision of the professor. These real-life teaching experiences form the heart of our teaching philosophy and preparation.

Standards based Curriculum.

Our program supports the knowledge, skills and dispositions as found in the 10 Wisconsin Teaching Standards. Our majors are well versed in the NASPE content standards and adopt lessons and units which meet them. Other courses address health education and adapted standards.

Teacher/Student ratio conductive to personal growth.

Students have small student-teacher ratios in the practicum courses; P ED 331, PEX 400, 401 and P ED 428. They are designed for individualized teaching instruction and feedback.

Technology infused into the curriculum.

Students are exposed to the latest technologies beginning with the freshman experience of creating webpages and using pedometers.

Personalized mentoring from faculty in methods courses.

The small number of students in the upper-level course means more quality time with the professor. Our students get to know their professors on a personal level.

Professional development of the faculty.

All of the faculty have been involved and active in leadership roles in professional organizations like WAHPERD, NATA, APE, and district workshops and presentations.

The 860-add on.

For six additional credits, the physical education major can have a certification area for students with special needs that is recognized.

Quality student teaching experiences and PEP Grants.

We allow our students to search and find quality programs for student teaching. We do not limit the options to a narrow range geographically. We want our students with the best program and best teachers. Often times, we will look for PEP grant schools for placement.
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