Physical Education FAQs

What will I do in this major?

The physical education major is very "hands-on". You will have peer teaching experiences early in the program and during your second year in the program you will start teaching children in a supervised setting. You will get to teach preschool, elementary, secondary, and children with disabilities, with supervision by your professors, all prior to entering student teaching.

What is the social life in this major?

As you work your way through classes you tend to form strong peer bonds with others. In your third year in the program your methods classes become very small (average class size of 12-15) and you will be in the same classes with this same group of students for the remainder of your methods classes. There are also a lot of opportunities for group activities. We have an active physical education majors club, the SHAPER club, who raises funds to send upper-level students to the national AAHPERD conference every year. You also have an opportunity to attend our state physical education convention from the start of your programming.

How will I be involved?

Involvement in the program is a key to being a growing professional. Those who get involved have a richer educational experience. This is entirely up to you and your level of motivation. There are many opportunities to get involved in working with children in the greater Stevens Point area and we encourage students to take advantage of these opportunities. We have regular volunteer programs with the Boys and Girls Club and after-school programs within Stevens Point and volunteering in these programs prove very beneficial.

What does this major offer me?

Students in our program receive lots of individual attention and many active learning experiences. The faculty is caring, highly knowledgeable, and available.

What makes the UWSP program unique?

Our major is K-12 and has three distinct practicum experiences on the elementary, adapted and middle/secondary levels. Our students are the physical education teachers for a local private school and teach students with disabilities on campus. They then get to teach middle/secondary students in the school setting. Our faculty are specialists in each area, providing a high level of training for our students.

How does this program compare to other programs?

Our placement rate is outstanding for our graduates. Our program is highly regarded throughout the state. School districts seek graduates who have a Health and an Adapted Physical Education certification upon graduation, which is attainable in our program. We have a very low student to teacher ratio, allowing for individualization. We also have many opportunities for hands-on learning.

How long will it take me to get my degree?

Averaging 15 credits a semester, students are able to finish course work in four years and spend a semester student teaching. Those with additional minors and certifications will take longer.

There is the potential to become certified to teach K-12 Physical Education, Health Education, and Adapted P.E. in about 5 years.

What jobs will I be able to apply for after I get my degree?

Any teaching position in the United States. Several of our graduates are teaching in other states and regions of the country. A physical education degree also qualifies graduates for positions in the wellness field, such as a YMCA.

What classes will I take?

All UWSP students have required general degree requirements to complete. In addition to those, the major includes activity courses, methods courses, several science courses and a block of education courses.

Do the classes cost extra money?

When a course has an extra fee, the fee is included in the course catalog.

Can I transfer after two years at a technical college?

Yes, but make sure you contact the Education Advising Office each semester to ensure the courses meet UWSP requirements and to receive exact detail of what courses will transfer in.

Will my PhyEd courses transfer?

Possibly. It depends on the course and the course syllabus.

What will I do in my classes?

Learn about how to be an effective and high quality physical education teacher that utilizes best practices and developmentally appropriate activities.

What is an adviser?

A trained professional experienced with the academic requirements of a chosen program. This individual will work with the student in planning a schedule of courses leading to a degree and understanding academic requirements of the program. Your advisor will guide you through the program. Their primary role is to ensure that you take the courses that you need at the right time in your academic experience. Your advisor is also available to assist you if concerns arise throughout your programming.

How do I get an adviser?

You will be automatically assigned an advisor when you declare your major. All physical education majors are advised by our program director Kristi Roth.
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