PE Course List

Comprehensive Physical Education (K-12) Teaching Major Course of Study

Title Credits
P ED 105
Introduction to Physical Education Teacher Preparation​ 2
P ED 150
Foundations of Teaching K-12 Physical Fitness (AA credit)
P ED​ ​Independent Study
P ED 200
Professional Teaching Skills I 3
P ED 201
Professional Teaching Skills II 3
​P ED 202  Teaching Adventure Education​ 2​
P ED 220
Lifespan Motor Development​ 3
P ED 231
​Physical Education for Early Childhood/Elementary Teacher 2​
​P ED 252 ​ Standard First Aid, Personal Safety, and Cardiopulmonary Resuscitation 2​
P ED 260
Practicum Experience in Physical Education 2
P ED 271
Human Anatomy​ 3
P ED 310
Kinesiology (Spring only) 3
P ED 315
Dance Methods (Fall only) 2
P ED 331
Teaching Methods in Elementary Physical Education​ 3
P ED 332
Teaching Experience in Elementary Physical Education (taken with P ED 331)​ 1
P ED 353
Advanced First Aid Instructors​ 1​
​P ED 360
 Exercise Physiology Concepts for the Physical Education Teacher​ 3​
​P ED 362
Optimal Sports Performance​ 2​
P ED 370
Curriculum Design and Implementation in PreK-12 Physical Education (Fall only) 3
P ED 380
Assessment and Technology in Physical Education (Spring only)​ 3
P ED 391 WE
Organization and Administration of PE and Athletics​ 3
​P ED 397/597
Workshop in Physical Education​ var.​
​P ED 398
Student Teaching in Physical Education​ 1-16​
P ED 399
Special Work​ var.​
​P ED 400  Seminar in Teaching Physical Education​ ​1
​P ED 410
 Essentials for Strength and Conditioning Practicum​ 3​
P ED 428 WE
Teaching Middle and Secondary Physical Education (taken one semester prior to Student Teaching P ED 398) 3
​P ED 498 Intern Teaching​ var.​
​P ED 796
Independent Study​ 1-3​
P ED 797 Workshop in Physical Education​ var.​
PEX 400
Physical Education for Individuals with Disabilities 3
PEX 401
Physical Education for Individuals with Disabilities: Practicum​ 1
HP/W 312
Physiology of Exercise​ 3
WLNS 205
Water Safety Instruction​ 1
Total: 47

Required Education Courses:

Title Credits
EDUC 205
Education in a Pluralistic Society 1
EDUC 351
Teaching Children and Youth With Exceptional Needs in the General/Regular Classroom
EDUC 381
Educational Psychology 3
EDUC 386
Reading in the Secondary School 3
P ED 398
Student Teaching in Physical Education​ 16
P ED 400
Seminar in Teaching Physical Education​ 1

Collateral Requirements:
1. Biology 160, Chemistry 101 or Physics 101, Biology 285
2. General Degree Requirements for DPI Certification: History 176 and 177; Psychology 110; Political Science 101
3. WL 123 First Aid/CPR

*Majors are strongly encouraged to take WL 123 and WL 144 for two credits of Health Enhancement.
** Majors must have certifications in First Aid/CPR and WSI to graduate.
*** Educ 200 and 300 may be taken for portfolio development in addition to P ED requirements, but are not required

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