Climbing Wall



climbing wall

The Climbing Wall is open Sunday through Thursday from 6-10 p.m. and Friday 6-9 p.m.

The wall will be closed Tuesday, April 14 for a track meet.


The climbing wall is FREE for students. Community climbers have the option of a 10-punch pass for $40 or the daily rate of $5 for adults, $2 for youth. These fees can be paid at the MAC desk during normal climbing hours.

General Information

The UWSP Climbing Wall is located within the Multi-Activity Center/indoor track of the Health Enhancement Center. The 28 ft. high, 2300 sq. ft. wall was designed and built by the EldoradoWall Company. The wall consists of 15 top rope belay stations and up to 8 lead climbs.


The mission of the UWSP Climbing Wall staff is to provide a safe, challenging atmosphere for everyone choosing to climb. This focus allows students, faculty, and community members the opportunity to set and achieve goals in an arena of perceived risk, rather than real risk. In addition, the UWSP Climbing Wall provides a state of the art design for intermediate to expert climbers to improve their climbing ability. Knowledgeable training and consistency in policy provide safety and commitment to the climber.

Belay Certification

Belay Certification is an option at the climbing wall, but only a requirement if you would like to belay someone. This is to ensure your own safety as well as everyone else using the wall. There is a separate certification for belaying a lead climber. Certification renewal is required once a year.

Top rope certification can be acquired any night Sunday through Thursday during regular hours and is available to climbers age 14 and older. If you are with a scout group looking to earn a belay patch, please email Jake Wozniak at for more information.
If you are interested in belay certification, ask a MAC desk worker or Climbing Wall Instructor for a belay certification form during normal climbing hours. The Climbing Wall Instructor will guide you through the necessary skills. After the initial lesson, you will be able to belay and climb that night. Certification is not complete until you return a second time and demonstrate to an instructor that you remember, understand, and can perform the proper skills.
All climbers, belayed certified or not, are REQUIRED to have a waiver on file at the climbing wall. If you are under 18 years of age, a legal guardian must sign this waiver. Waivers are valid for one year. If you are planning to bring a group, each child is required to have a waiver signed by their legal guardian. These waivers are available at the climbing wall during normal climbing hours.

We have recently purchased new equipment for the wall and are currently using the Misty Mountain Infinity Harness, Five 10 Spires and Bufo Unbreakable Shoes.

Children’s harnesses are available upon request.

Children and adult helmets are available upon request but are not required for climbing.

Climbers are allowed to use their own gear provided they show it to a climbing instructor and get the ok.

We do not have chalk available for climbers however any form is acceptable, blocks can be purchased at DivePoint Scuba, downtown Stevens Point.