Coaching Minor

A coaching career engages people in a profession that helps young people develop their physical and mental abilities through sports and games in voluntary athletic programs. Athletic programs located in schools, community recreation centers, YMCAs, or private sports organizations, help individuals become leaders of tomorrow and achieve success through teamwork to become the best they can be.

Courses in Coaching Minor

COAC 101. Tools for Academic Success. 1cr.
Transitional issues from high school to college, into to university servies, time management/study skills, information management, goal setting, personal wellness, tolerance and sportsmanship. Tools for student-athletes to maximize abilities in class and competition. Prereq: Cons instr.
COAC 200. Scientific Concepts of Coaching (formerly 371). 3 cr.
Scientific concepts of anatomy, biomechanics, and physiology applied to coaching athletes. Analysis of performance based on anatomical and mechanical principles.
COAC 282-294. Coaching of Specific Sports. Each 2 cr.
Theory and techniques, training schedules, strategy, coaching methods, and conditioning. Prereq: So St.
  • 282. Basketball
  • 283. Wrestling
  • 284. Football
  • 285. Baseball
  • 286. Track and Field
  • 287. Soccer
  • 288. Ice Hockey
  • 289. Swimming
  • 290. Volleyball
  • 291. Tennis
  • 292. Softball
  • 293. Golf
  • 294. Sports Modules
COAC 361. Practicum in Coaching. 2 cr.
Practical experiences in coaching sports at various educational levels. 1 hr lec, 2 hrs lab per week. Prereq: 200 and at least 12 cr in the minor.
COAC 372. Motivational Aspects of the Athlete. 3 cr.
The study of social and behavioral factors of coaching.
AT 351. Care and Prevention of Athletic Injuries. 2 cr.
Cause, treatment, and prevention of injuries common to athletic activities; taping, bandaging; discussion of rehabilitation, conditioning, and variable factors of athletic performance levels. Prereq: Valid first aid certification.
P ED 362. Strength Training/Facility Management Practicum. 2 cr.
Theory and practical experience in strength training, exercise programming, weight room management, budget planning and strength coaching for physical education/health promotion majors and coaching minors. Prereq: 126 or WLNS 183 and cons instr.
P ED 391. Organization and Administration of Physical Education and Athletics. 3 cr.
Physical education, intramural and interscholastic K-12 athletic programs. Phylosophy, mission and objectives, purchase and care if equipment, budgeting and fund raising, legal issues, public relations, leadership/supervision, professional standards and certification for teacher, coaches. Prereq: Admis to Prof Educ Prog, Sr st, coaching minor, cons instr.

Other Courses in Coaching

COAC 397/597. Workshop in Coaching. Variable credit.
Participate in special experiences related to your minor program. Subtitle will designate area. May repeat for maximum of 6 cr.
COAC 399. Special Work.
Upper class coaching minors may arrange for independent study with cons instr and coordinator. Credit will be based on the scope of the project. Before beginning the prearrange project, a statement must be file in the Associate Dean’s office in the School of HESA.
COAC 790. Seminar in Current Issues. 1-3 cr.
Subtitle will designate focus.
COAC 796. Independent Study. 1-3 cr.
Planned study to supplement preparation in area of specialization; regular conferences with staff supervisor through arrangement with head of HESA.
COAC 797. Workshop in Coaching. Variable credit.
Participate in special graduate level experiences related to your major program. Subtitle will designate area. May repeat for maximum of 6 credits.

Course of Study

Course Title Credits
COAC 200 Scientific Concepts of Coaching 3
COAC 351 Care and Prevention of Athletic Injuries(prereq: COAC 200) 2
COAC 361 Practicum in Coaching 2
COAC 372 Motivational Aspects of the Athlete 3
P ED 362 Strength Training/Facilities Management Practicum 2
P ED 391 Organization and Administration of Physical Education and Athletics 3
Choose six credits from the following courses(2 credits each) 6
COAC 282 Basketball
COAC 283 Wrestling
COAC 284 Football
COAC 285 Baseball
COAC 286 Track and Field
COAC 287 Soccer
COAC 288 Ice Hockey
COAC 289 Swimming
COAC 290 Volleyball
COAC 291 Tennis
COAC 292 Softball
COAC 293 Golf
COAC 294 Sport Modules
Total Credits in Minor 21
** Elementary Education majors may count Psychology 260 or Human Development 261 to meet the 22 credit DPI requirement.
** Recommended additional certification – Wellness 123 - Standard First Aid and CPR