Adventure Education Minor

The adventure education minor prescribes to the UWSP mission to promote health and wellness and responds to the increased awareness of the growing interest in adventure education curriculum.
Students completing the adventure education minor will have the knowledge and ability to safely organize, implement and manage adventure-learning opportunities for students, clients and patients.

Courses in Adventure Education Minor

AE 150 Introduction to Adventure Education (2 credits). Both semesters
Awareness of principles, practices and philosophy associated with adventure programming. Lead and facilitate groups of different ages and dynamics. Introduces components of minor.
AE 225 Wilderness First Responder (2 credits). Winterim or Spring semester
Implement and practice standards set by the Wilderness Medical Associates to obtain certification as a wilderness first responder. *WLNS 123 Pre-requisite
AE 250 General Camping/Backpacking (3 credits). Spring semester
Two or three season camping and backpacking techniques, including equipment, survival techniques, orienteering, and trip planning. Use fundamental facilitation skills in an outdoor trip environment.
AE 275 Water Skills (3 credits). Fall semester-weekend
Principles of basic canoeing and sea kayaking. Recovery and rescue skills. Whitewater canoeing/kayaking. Trip leading and facilitation skills. Prereq: ADVE 150, WLNS 146
AE 325 Management of Top-Rope Climbing (3 credits). Spring Semester
Techniques for managing indoor and outdoor top-rope climbing site. Belaying techniques, site selection, “leave no trace” site use, rescue and emergency techniques. Apply American Mountain Guides Association standards. Site management and facilitation skills. Prereq: ADVE 150, WLNS 215
AE 350 Challenge Course Management (3 credits). Fall Semester
Low and high rope facilitation. Philosophical and ethical issues dealing with risk-taking, as a learning tool. Safety issues, belaying, programming, sequencing, and course set-up and tear-down.. Facilitation opportunities. Prereq: ADVE 150
AE 450 Adventure Education Practicum (3 credits). Fall, Spring, and Summer Semesters
Adventure leadership skills demonstrating naturalistic intelligence while planning and conducting climbing, camping/backpacking, and water experiences for various groups. Work with K-12 students , CWES groups, peer groups, Lions Camp groups. Plan and facilitate groups from each area. Develop and use mobile adventure learning courses. Prereq: ADVE 150, 225, 250, 275, 325, 350.

Title Credits
AE 150
Introduction to Adventure Education​ 2
AE 225
Wilderness First Responder
AE 250
General Camping/Backpacking​ 3
AE 275
Water Skills​ 3
AE 325
Management of Top-rope Climbing​ 3
AE 350
Challenge Course Management​ 3
AE 450
Adventure Education Practicum​ 3
WLNS 146
Lifeguard Instructor​ 1
WLNS 215
Rock Climbing 1
Total Credits in Minor​ 22