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						Paper Science and Engineering
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Paper Science and Engineering

Hands-On Paper Machine Operations

Course Description

This course offers a unique experience in learning about the operation of a paper machine. All attendees actually operate the UWSP Paper Science pilot paper machine through four carefully planned exercises, which allow the participants to observe, manipulate and understand the operations of papermaking. Each exercise introduces attendees to more complicated and sophisticated aspects of paper machine operation. At the end of the day you will know how to produce a well-formed sheet of paper.

There are three versions of this course.


Only paper machine exercises are offered. Knowledge of the papermaking process is assumed. This course is also ideal as a follow up to a “Introduction to Papermaking Process” outreach course which can be contracted as an additional course.


Paper machine exercises are offered in afternoon sessions in conjunction with classrooms sessions on papermaking in the morning. This combination is ideal for those having no prior instruction in papermaking.


An extra afternoon laboratory session is included for those who need to know more about product specifications and how paper making variables affect paper properties.

Companies or individuals contracting these courses can request customization of course content to fit their manufacturing site requirements and needs.


Who Should Attend 

You should attend if you are seeking a better understanding of the paper industry in order to improve your on-the-job performance. Particularly appropriate for newcomers, machine operators, operating managers, financial managers, sales representatives, maintenance workers, training and development staff.


Outcomes Expected

The attendees divide into two teams to perform four tasks on the machine. The two teams will rotate between the machine and the conference room. This will provide the team with opportunities to discuss their observations and experiences with the facilitator and plan for the next task to be performed.

Each task will be presented to the teams as a worksheet.  The four assigned tasks:

  • Increase machine speed, keeping paper properties constant
  • Compensate for loss in wet press capacity
  • React to highly refined stock on the machine
  • Set and control the jet/wire ratio

Course Provider/Instructor

UWSP Paper Science and Engineering Faculty

Class Size

Maximum: 16


Scheduled upon request.

If you would like to arrange for a course please call me at 346-3962.

Karyn Biasca, Ph.D.

Professor and Chair

UWSP Department of Paper Science and Engineering