operaCalendar of Events

All events take place at 7:30pm in Michelsen Hall, located in the Noel Fine Arts Center, unless otherwise noted. Ticketed events are part of our Music Department Scholarship Series (Adult $8.25; Senior Citizens $5.25; UWSP Students & Youth $4.25; free
to UWSP students with valid ID the day of the concert). All proceeds go towards music scholarships. Special Fee events include a fee for students and are not free the day of the concert. 
Please call the UWSP Box Office to purchase tickets (715)346-4100.
Recitals and Concerts are continually added to this Events Calendar, please check back as events are subject to change.

Spring 2015


26 ​Very Young Composers of Central Wisconsin Chamber Performance (4 p.m.  NFAC 221) 
30 ​Jazz Festival (All Day - NFAC)
5 ​Performing Arts Series: Presidio Brass (special fee)
7-8 ​High School Honor Bands Festival
8​ ​Student Recital: Austin Kirckof, piano
13​ ​Joint Faculty Recital: Matthew Markham, voice & Stijn DeCock, piano (ticketed event)
​14 ​Woodwind Day (All Day - NFAC)
16 ​Faculty Recital: Adam Rappel, percussion (ticketed event)
17 ​Guest Artist Recital: Svetlana Smolina, piano
​21 ​Piano Day (All Day - NFAC)
​21 ​Student Recital: Sonia Cummings, voice (3 p.m. NFAC 221)
21​ ​Central Wisconsin Symphony Orchestra (7:30 p.m. Sentry @1800 special fee)
22​ ​Central Wisconsin Symphony Orchestra (4 p.m. Sentry @1800 special fee)
24 ​Guest Recital: Marcia Porter, soprano & Deloise Lima, piano
25​ ​UWSP Symphony Orchestra (ticketed event)
​27 ​String Chamber Music Day (All Day - NFAC)
27​ ​Guest Artist Recital: Avalon String Quartet
28​ ​Student Recital: Michelle Pehler, horn (2 p.m.)


5​ ​Concert Band & Campus Band (ticketed event)
6 ​Wind Ensemble (ticketed event)
7​ ​Faculty Recital: Preston Duncan, saxophone (ticketed event, 5 p.m.  NFAC 221)
7 ​Performing Arts Series: Kennedy's Kitchen (special fee)
9​ ​Campus Orchestra Concert (ticketed event) 
​9 ​Trombone Master class with guest artist Conrad Herwig (NFAC 240)
​10 ​UWSP Jazz Band & Jazz Ensemble Concert with guest artist Conrad Herwig, trombone (ticketed event)
​11 ​Combined Choirs Concert (ticketed event)
​12 ​Student Recital: Joey Pettit, jazz bass
13​ ​Student Recital: Paul Bannach, bass (5 p.m.)
​26 ​Voice Area Recital (NFAC 221)
​27 ​Student Recital: Amanda Baker, voice
​28 ​Oboe Studio Recital (2 p.m. NFAC 221)
​28 ​Student Recital: Katie DelGiacco, saxophone (3 p.m.)
28 ​Student Recital: Aly Evans and Terra Jansma, percussion
30​ ​Composer's Concert
31 ​Voice Area Recital
1 Delta Omicron April Follies
7​ ​Student Recital: Adam Hatton, percussion (NFAC 221)
10 Opera Workshop - Purcell: Dido and Aeneas & Gilbert & Sullivan: Trial by Jury (special fee)
11 ​Opera Workshop - Purcell: Dido and Aeneas & Gilbert & Sullivan: Trial by Jury (special fee)
14 ​Percussion Ensemble Recital
​15 ​Flute Studio Recital
​17 ​Graduate Student Recital: Ashley Hanke, piano
16​ ​Student Recital: Matthew Rueth, trumpet
​18 ​Central Wisconsin Symphony Orchestra (7:30 p.m. Sentry @1800 special fee)
​19 ​Student Recital: Michael Doerr, piano (1 p.m.)
19​ ​Central Wisconsin Symphony Orchestra (4:00 p.m. Sentry @1800 special fee)
​19 ​Student Recital: Alex Ferkey, bass (NFAC 221)
20 ​Faculty Recital: Brent Turney, jazz trumpet (ticketed event)
21 ​Jazz Band Concert
22 ​UWSP Symphony Orchestra (ticketed event)
​23 ​Student Piano Trio Recital
24​ Soiree Musicale (6 p.m. special fee)
25​ ​Joint Student Recital: Elizabeth Myers, horn & Erin Olson, horn (2 p.m.)
​26 ​Piano Area Recital (1 p.m.)
​26 ​Student Recital: Erin Hunsberger, viola (NFAC 221)
26 ​Student Recital: Matthew Schiessl, trumpet (5 p.m.)
​26 ​Cello Studio Recital
27 ​Student Recital: Joey Pettit, bass
​28 ​Viola Studio Recital (5 p.m. NFAC 221)
​28 ​Student String Quartet Recital (NFAC 221)
28 ​Concert Band & Campus Band (ticketed event)
​29 ​Wind Ensemble Concert (ticketed event)
​30 ​Guest Artists: Marcia Porter, soprano and Deloise Lima, piano (6 p.m. NFAC 221)
​30 ​Campus Orchestra Concert (ticketed event)
​2 ​State Solo & Ensemble Competition  (All Day - NFAC)
​3 ​Combined Choirs (3 p.m. ticketed event)
​3 ​Student Recital: Chris McRae, jazz composition (6 p.m. NFAC 221)
3​ ​Student Recital: Peter Breden, bass
​4 ​Jazz Combos
​5 ​Jazz Ensemble (ticketed event)
​6 ​Saxophone Studio Recital ( 5 p.m. NFAC 221)
​6 ​Music Department Awards Ceremony
7​ ​Student Recital: Amanda Morzewski, flute (NFAC 221)
8​ ​Student Recital: Matt Osowski, jazz piano
​17 ​Central Wisconsin Youth Symphony Orchestra and Philharmonia (3 p.m.)