operaCalendar of Events

All events take place at 7:30pm in Michelsen Hall, located in the Noel Fine Arts Center, unless otherwise noted. Ticketed events are part of our Music Department Scholarship Series (Adult $8.25; Senior Citizens $5.25; UWSP Students & Youth $4.25;
free to UWSP students with valid ID the day the day of the concert). Special Fee events include a fee for students and are not free the day of the concert. 
Please call the UWSP Box Office to purchase tickets (715)346-4100Online purchase is not available for these events at this time. 
Recitals and Concerts are continually added to this Events Calendar, please check back as events are subject to change.

Spring 2014


26 ​UWSP Cello Day (all day event with concert at 5:00 p.m.)
27 ​Very Young Composers (4:15 pm and 5:15 p.m. start times NFAC 221)
28​ ​Guest Residency: Bradley Moore (3:00 p.m. NFAC 221 pianist residency courtesy of UWSP Opera Club)
29​ ​Guest Residency: Bradley Moore (4:00 p.m. pianist   residency courtesy of UWSP Opera Club )
​29 ​Courtyard Connections, Brendan Caldwell (NFAC Courtyard)
​30 ​Student Recital: Chelsea Betz, voice
31 ​UWSP Jazz Festival - all day event with concert at 7:30 p.m. featuring the Anat Cohen Quartet (special fee)
4​ ​Faculty Recital: Patrick Lawrence, trombone (ticketed event)
7 ​Guests: The Concordia Band
8​ ​UWSP Woodwind Day (all day event with concert at 4:15 p.m.)
​Student Recital: Matt Clark, percussion
9 ​Faculty Recital: Molly Roseman, piano (3:00 p.m. ticketed event)
19 ​Jazz Repertory Concert
20 ​Pop's Concert - Concert Choir (special fee)
​21 ​Guest Recital: Aaron Durst, saxophone  Due to the weather this concert is cancelled.
22 ​Central Wisconsin Symphony Orchestra (Sentry @1800 special fee)
23 ​Central Wisconsin Symphony Orchestra (4:00 p.m. Sentry @1800 special fee)
23​ ​Clarinet Studio Recital
24​ ​Student Recital: Brianna Trainor, percussion
26​ UWSP Symphony Orchestra (ticketed event)


1 ​Joint Student Recital: Michelle Pehler and Andrew Slembarski, horn (2:00 p.m.)
1​ ​Student Recital: Zac Mixdorf, bassoon
4 ​Combined Choirs Concert (ticketed event)
​5 ​Student Recital: Chris McRae, Junior Jazz Composition
6 ​C​ombined Campus and Concert Band (ticketed event)
8​ ​Alumni Guest Recital: Gus Sandberg, saxophone
​9 ​Student Rectial: David Schoonover, voice (3:00 p.m. NFAC 221)
9 Student Recital: Nicholas Gauer, jazz quitar
​10 ​Guest Residency: Dame Evelyn Glennie Master class (3:00 p.m. NFAC 221)
10​ ​Jazz Combos (5:00 p.m. DUC Brewhaus)
​11 Guest Residency: Dame Evelyn Glennie Open rehearsal (1:00 p.m.)
​11 ​Guest Residency: Dame Evelyn Glennie Question & Answer session (3:00 p.m. NFAC 221)
11​ ​COFAC Presents: UWSP Wind Ensemble featuring Dame Evelyn Glennie (special fee)
13​ ​Jazz Ensemble and Jazz Band Concert (ticketed event)
26​ ​Student Recital: Matt Schiessl, jazz trumpet
​28 ​Delta Omicron presents Almost April Follies (NFAC 221)
​29 ​Oboe Studio and Woodwind Chamber Music Recital (2:00 p.m. NFAC 221)
30 ​MTNA Student Recitals (2:00 p.m. NFAC 221)
4​ ​UWSP Opera Workshop presents "American Opera Triptych" (special fee)
​5 ​UWSP Opera Workshop presents "American Opera Triptych" (special fee)
6​ ​Joint Student Recital: Andrew Phillips and Matt Rueth, trumpet  (1:00 p.m.)
​6 ​Guest Recital: The Eddie Gomez Trio (7:00 p.m)
​7 ​Faculty Recital: Raffi Besalyan, piano (ticketed event)
9​ ​Student Recital: Matt Osowski, piano jazz composition 
10​ ​Student Recital: Kel Kelley, percussion
​10 ​Swing Fling (DUC Alumni Room special fee)
12​ ​Joint Student Recital: Amanda Morzewski and Emily Janes, flute (3:00 p.m.)
​12 ​Central Wisconsin Symphony Orchestra (Sentry @1800 special fee)
13​ ​Student Recital: Wolfgang Piano Quartet (1:30 p.m.)
​13 ​Central Wisconsin Symphony Orchestra (4:00 p.m. Sentry @1800 special fee)
14​ ​Composers Concert (ticketed event)
15​ ​Faculty Chamber Ensembles (Trio Canna and Quartetto Canna - ticketed event)
​17 ​Flute Studio Recital
​18 ​Voice Area Recital (1:00 p.m.)
19​ ​Joint Student Recital: Corinn Cramer, piano and Jared Dalgleish, trombone (3:00 p.m.)
​19 ​Student Recital: Amanda Balane, clarinet
​21 ​Faculty Recital: Brent Turney, jazz trumpet (ticketed event)
22​ ​Student Recital: Ben Helmrick, trombone
​23 ​UWSP Symphony Orchestra (ticketed event)
25 Soiree Musicale, a benefit for student scholarships (6:00 p.m. special fee)
​26 ​Clarinet Studio Recital (4:30 p.m.)
​26 ​Joint Student Recital: Reyna Bolton and Cullen Sutherland, voice
​27 ​Piano Area Recital (1:00 p.m.)
27​ ​Student Recital: Alex Shuffield, trumpet (3:00 p.m.)
28​ ​Percussion Ensemble Recital
29​ ​Jazz Band Concert (ticketed event)
​30 ​Concert Band, Wind Ensemble Concert and SPASH Band  with Joe Adams and Russ Mikkelson, guest conductors (ticketed event)


​1 Conducting Class and Campus Band Concert (ticketed event)​
​2 ​Student Recital: Christine Sanderson, voice
3​ ​Student Recital: Dana Carlson, voice
​3 ​Student Recital: Peter Breden, bass (NFAC 221)
4​ ​Combined Choirs Concert (3:00 p.m.)
​5 ​Jazz Combos
​6 ​Jazz Ensemble (ticketed event)
7​ ​Department of Music Awards Ceremony
​8 ​Student Recital: Andrew Cameron, percussion
9​ ​Student Recital: Amanda Baker, voice (NFAC 221)
​9 ​Student Recital: Tom Bjoraker, percussion
10 ​Student Recital: Katie Anderson, voice (NFAC 221)
​June 1 ​Student Recital: Anglea Hettinga-Sedrak, voice (3:00 p.m.)