Mathematical Sciences

Of all human endeavors, few offer such a diverse character as mathematics. Galileo called mathematics the language which was used to write the universe. It is through mathematics that the physical sciences view and explain the laws of nature. Mathematics is used to solve problems in medicine, economics, management, geography, chemistry, engineering, physics and computer science. On the other hand, mathematics can also be viewed as an artistic expression of intellect. Mathematics is limited only by one's imagination, logic and creativity. Mathematics has something for everyone!

Programs in Math​​ematical Sciences​​

All students majoring in mathematics at UW-Stevens Point begin by taking three semesters of Calculus and one semester of Linear Algebra. They then complete their program choosing one of the following options:

  1. The Mathematics Major

    This option allows students to specialize or to acquire a broad mathematical background, by selecting from various areas of mathematics such as linear algebra, abstract algebra, analysis, applied mathematics, differential equations, number theory, numerical analysis, and probability & statistics.

  2. The Mathematics Major with Actuarial Emphasis

    This option allows students to specialize in those mathematical areas with particular value to actuarial science. A strong mathematics background in linear algebra, applied mathematics, numerical analysis, actuarial science, and probability & statistics. Successful completion of one of the SOA examinations is required for the emphasis.

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