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Interlibrary Loan

Interlibrary Loan is a service that will assist you in obtaining research materials that are not available in the UW-Stevens Point University Library. Books not available from other University of Wisconsin campuses through Universal Borrowing and copies of journal articles can be requested from other libraries. However, interlibrary loan activity is regulated by national, regional, and local agreements made by participating libraries, so there are some limitations on the service.


Because of the reciprocal agreements with other libraries, the following materials are generally not available through interlibrary loan:

  1. Books published very recently.
  2. Reference materials, rare items, and genealogical materials.
  3. Newspapers, unless available in microform.
  4. Some audiovisual materials and non-print items.
  5. Entire volumes or issues of periodicals.

Time Required to Obtain Materials

Many items can be obtained in as few as 3 - 5 business days. Materials which are not widely owned or which have been inaccurately or incompletely cited will require more time.

Procedures for Submitting Requests

Before you submit an interlibrary loan request please:

Check the Library Catalog to make sure the material is not owned in the print form by the UWSP University Library; For books, check that it is NOT available through Universal Borrowing (UB), by using the Other Catalogs search on our library catalog.

If you are a UWSP faculty, staff or student, log in to the Interlibrary Loan page and fill out an electronic request form to request a book or a copy of a journal Article.

If you are a Distance Education student, please indicate this on your request, as well as where you would like your items delivered.

If you are unable to submit an electronic request, stop by the Interlibrary Loan Office during regular office hours--Monday - Friday, 7:45 a.m. - 4:30 p.m.

You need to provide the following information:

For a Book

  1. Author's Name in Full
  2. Title
  3. Place of Publication
  4. Publisher
  5. Date of Publication
  6. Indicate a series note (if any) or a preferred edition

For a Periodical Article

  1. Periodical Title in Full
  2. Volume and Issue Number
  3. Date
  4. Author and Title of the Article
  5. Inclusive Paging of the Article

For a Thesis or Dissertation

  1. Author
  2. Title
  3. Degree
  4. Institution Granting Degree
  5. Date

Submit the completed request form to the Interlibrary Loan Office.


Since bibliographic information may need to be verified by the Interlibrary Loan staff before the request can be sent, please include a complete reference to the specific source of your information (i.e. World Cat or PubMed rather than "Internet").

Receipt of Material

For a Book, Thesis, or Dissertation

You will be notified by e-mail that the item has arrived and can be picked up at the Main Circulation Desk. The lending library determines the length of the loan and may place restrictions on the item's use. When you are finished with the item, please return it promptly to the Access Services Desk.


If you need an extension on the loan period, be sure to request it at least two days before the item is due. Contact the ILL office via email illoan@uwsp.edu to request a renewal. It is up to the lending library whether or not the extension will be granted. You will be notified via email if your renewal request is successful.

For a Periodical Article

Most often, your article will be delivered electronically. You will receive an email that provides the link to the Interlibrary Loan website. Log in and then select "View/Download electronically received articles".

Journal articles remain on your account for 30 days before they are removed. They are not recoverable.

If you wish a paper copy, prior to your first request:

  • Log in to ILL, and scroll down the ILL Menu to the Review Personal Information section.
  • Change the Prefer Electronic Delivery option to "NO."

If the library was unable to deliver your article electronically, you will be notified by email that a print copy is available at the Access Services Desk. If you are faculty or staff, we can mail your articles to you in campus mail and will also mail to students who are infrequently on campus (e.g. Distance Education students).

If you wish your paper copy mailed (rather than left at the Access Services Desk for pickup):

  • Change the Preferred Article Delivery Method to "Mail to Address." 
    • You must also supply on the form the address that you want us to use.

If you are a student, we prefer that you pick up your articles at the Access Services Desk, first floor of the University Library. We will email you when they arrive. Photocopies are yours to keep; they do not need to be returned.

You can also track the status of your requests and view a list of the items you have requested or checked out through Interlibrary Loan on the main menu of Interlibrary Loan.

Financial Responsibility

For interlibrary loan requests, when the University Library borrows an item on your behalf, there is no charge passed on to you. The cost of this service is paid by the Library. However, if you lose or damage an item, the replacement fees can be sizable and you will be responsible for these costs. Please be extremely careful of materials that must be returned to a lending library. Thank you.