MyFiles Read/Write Access - Mac

This method provides read/write Internet access to your network storage space ( from a Macintosh computer running OS 10.5 or higher. Using this method you can open, edit, save, create new and delete files just as if the files were stored on your local computer. You can drag and drop files from your computer to your network space.

Before opening and making changes to a file, you should ALWAYS save the file to your desktop or other folder on your local computer first. Then open the file, make your changes and save the file again. Once you have saved all your changes you can copy (or drag and drop) the file back to your network storage space.

  1. Download and Install Cyberduck     
  2. Click Open Connection to make the connection to your myFiles

  3. Set the following settings for your myFiles
    • Choose WebDAV (HTTP/SSL) from the dropdown menu on top
    • For the server type: and leave the port set at 443
    • Type in your UWSP username and password
    • Click More Options
    • For the Path type in your UWSP username     

  4. Click Connect
  5. Your myFiles folders will now show.