Setup VPN in Vista and Windows 7

  1. Go to Start and click on Control Panel

    Start Menu - Control Panel 

  2. Switch to Classic View

    Control Panel - Classic View 

  3. Double Click the Network and Sharing Center Icon

    Network and Sharing icon 

  4. In Widows Vista click "Set up a connection or network"

    Control Panel - Set up a connection or network selection 

    In Windows 7 click "Set up a new connection or network"

    Set up a new connection or network in Windows 7 

  5. In Windows Vista click Select Connect to a workplace

    Set up a conection or network - Connect to a workplace 

  6. Click Next
  7. Windows 7 ONLY: Select VPN Connection and click "No, create a new connection" and click Next  

    Windows 7 Connect to a Workplace 

  8. Click Use my Internet connection (VPN)

    Connect to a workplace - Use my Interncet connection (VPN) 

  9. Enter into the Internet address box
  10. Enter UWSP VPN into the Destination name box
  11. Click Next

    Connect to a workplace - inet address and destination 

  12. Enter your UWSP Logon

    Connect to a workplace - name and password 

    You are now connected

  13. Click Close
  14. Select Work for a Network Location

    Set Network Location - Work 

  15. Select Continue when Windows asks for your permission
  16. Select View or change network and sharing settings in the Network and Sharing Center

    Set Network Location - Success 

  17. Select Manage network connections

    Control Panel - Manage network connections 

  18. Right Click on the new UWSP VPN Virtual Private Network and select Properties

    UWSP VPN Connection - Select Properties 

  19. Select the Networking Tab
  20. Select Internet Protocol Version 6 and click Properties

    UWSP VPN Properties 

  21. Select Advanced…

    TCP/IP Properties - Advanced 

  22. Unselect the Use default gateway on remote network

    Advanced TCP/IP Settings - IP Settings 

  23. Select OK to exit Advanced TCP/IP Settings
  24. Select OK to exit Internet Protocol Version Properties
  25. Repeat steps 19-23 this time selecting Internet protocol Version 4
  26. Select OK to exit UWSP VPN Properties

You are now connected to the VPN