Voicemail Instructions - Modular Messaging

Modular Messaging gives you the ability to communicate effectively from any touchtone telephone 24-hours a day.  Instructions are below.   

Modular Messaging Microsoft Outlook is access to your Modular Messaging mailbox directly from your desktop. Allows for seamless communication via voice or email.  Click here for instructions on installing Modular Messaging on Outlook 2016.

For additional voicemail information, call the Telephone Support Office at 715-346-2562.

Modular Messaging General Instructions - (Click here for PDF instructions.)

To login/set your password:

  • Dial the system number. On-campus, dial [3333]. Off-campus, dial [715-346-3333].
  • Enter the default password [639], followed by [#].
  • The system will tell you that the minimum password length is 6 digits and cannot start with zero. Enter your new 6 digit password, and then press [#].
  • The system will ask you to verify your new password. Reenter your new password, then press [#].
  • You are now at the Activity menu.

To login (from another campus phone):

  • From any campus phone, dial [3333].  When prompted for your password, enter [*] [#], then you will be asked to enter your 4-digit voicemail box number, followed by your password.
Record your name:
  • From the activity menu, press [5] for personal options.
  • Press [5], then speak your first and last name, then press [1].
  • To re-record your name, press [1]. To approve, press [#].
  • You will then return to the main menu.
Record your personal greeting (you MUST record and activate greeting). The greeting can be a personal greeting, an extended absence greeting, or an optional greeting. You can record a message for each greeting. Callers will only hear the greeting that has been activated.
  • From the activity menu, press [3] for greeting options.
  • To record a greeting, press [1].
  • For a personal greeting, press [1]. For an extended absence greeting, press [2]. For an optional greeting, press [3].
  • Record your greeting. (Example - "You have reached the voicemail box of (your name) in (your department) at the University of Wisconsin-Stevens Point. At the tone, please leave a message and I will return your call as soon as possible.")
  • To approve your greeting, press [#]. To edit your greeting, press [1], then re-record at the tone.
  • When prompted, press [3] to activate a greeting.

Activate a greeting:

  • From the activity menu, press [3] and [5], then select the greeting you wish to activate.  For personal greeting, press [1].  For extended absence greeting, press [2].  For optional greeting, press [3].  Enter the optional greeting number [1-9].
Listen to your greetings:
  • From the activity menu, press [3].
  • Listen to a greeting, press [0].
  • Enter greeting number, press [1-3].
  • When finished, press [#].
Record or change greetings:
  • From the activity menu, press [3].
  • Record greetings, press [1].
  • Enter greeting number, press [1-3].
  • When finished, press [#].
  • When prompted, press [3] to activate a greeting.  You can record all the greetings.  Callers will only hear the greating that is activated.
Delete greetings:
  • From the activity menu, press [3].
  • Delete greeting, press [3].
  • Enter greeting number [1-3].
  • When finished, press [#].
Listen to messages:
  • From the activity menu, to get messages, press [2].
  • Listen to message, press [0].

Respond to messages:

  • After listening to your message, press [1] to respond to or forward the message, then select one of the following:
    • Call sender (exits mailbox), press [0].
    • Reply to sender by voicemail, press [1].
    • Forward with comment at beginning, press [2].
    • Record and address a new message, press [4].
    • Reply to all recipients, press [5].
  • If you select any key from the above, expect [0].
    • Record and address your message.  When finished, press [#].
    • Specify delivery options.  Send message, press [#].

 To forward a message (voice or fax):

  • From the activity menu, press [2] to get messages.
  • To listen/open the fax message, press [0].
  • Forward message with optional voice message, press [1] [2].
  • Record voice message.  When finished, press [#].
  • Specify delivery address (see below).  When finished, press [#].
  • Specify delivery options (see below).  Send message, press [#].

To transfer a caller, or incoming fax, directly to a person's voicemail:

  • Press the transfer button.
  • Dial [3333], or press the voicemail button if you have one.
  • Press [*] [#] [#].
  • Enter the last 4-digits of the extension.
  • Press the transfer button.

To print a fax message in voicemail to a fax machine:

  • Login to mailbox.
  • From the activity menu, press [2] to get messages.
  • To print the message, press [*] [1].
  • To send to your default fax machine, press [#].
  • To send to a different fax machine, press [*] [*] [5], then the telephone number and [#].  If long distance enter [9] and the telephone number, then press [#].

Send from a fax machine to voicemail (this assumes no one answers the fax-call):

  • Insert fax pages in the fax machine and dial the extension.
  • Wait for the call to go to voicemail.  When you hear the voicemail greeting, press [start] or [send] on the fax machine.
  • You should then hear the handshake tones of the fax machine.

 Specify delivery address:

  • For voice user - enter user's mailbox number and press [#].
  • For voice user name addressing - press [*] [2], spell user's name or name of personal list and press [#].
  • For personal list, press [*] [5], then list number.
  • For fax machine, press [*] [*] [5], enter outside line number (if needed) and telephone number, then press [#].
  • To list all recipients, press [*] [1].
  • To cancel address, press [*] [3].
  • To cancel another address, press [*] [1] [*] [3].
  • To list all recipients, press [*] [1].

Specify delivery options:

  • Make private/no private (toggle), press [1].
  • Make priority/not priority (toggle), press [2].
  • Schedule for future delivery, press [3].
  • Attach a fax [5].
Not sure which key to press?
  • Listen to Help at any time, press [*] [4].
  • Go back to activity menu, press [*] [7].
Want to save time?
  • Bypass greeting when recording, press [1].
  • Bypass header when listening, press [0].
Want to adjust the way your messages are played?
  • Faster, press [9].
  • Slower, press [8].
  • Louder, press [4].
  • Softer, press [7].
  • Skip forward, press [6].
  • Skip backward, press [5].

Configure personal operator:

  • To setup or change Personal Operator, press [5] [6].

Other options:

  • Transfer to covering extension, press [*] [0].
  • Transfer to another mailbox, press [*] [8].
  • Make system wait, press [*] [9].
  • Access names or numbers directory, press [*] [*] [6].
  • Disconnect, press [*] [*] [9].