Antivirus/Antimalware Protection

As of August 2012 UWSP moved away from using Symantec EndPoint Protection software for antimalware and antivirus protection on campus desktop computers. This software has been replaced with Microsoft System Center Endpoint Protection.

Our Symantec License Agreement also allowed students and faculty/staff the ability to install Symantec EndPoint Protection on home/personal computers at no charge. As a result of this software change, if you currently have a UWSP licensed version of Symantec EndPoint Protection installed on your home/personal computer, you must uninstall this software by our License Agreement end date of 06/30/2013. If you do not uninstall this software by this date you will be in violation of contract.

Once you have uninstalled this software you may consider installing the free home version of Microsoft EndPoint Protection which is called Microsoft Security Essentials. If you have a Mac, you may consider installing Sophos or iAntivirus.

  Please direct questions to the Help Desk.