Special Pricing for Personal Software

People often ask if Information Technology can sell them software for their own use. IT handles software purchases for the University and can only sell to departments on campus. We cannot sell to individuals.

Available Software
Currently, UW-System has a contract with a number of software makers which allows students and staff to buy Microsoft products, including Office for PC or Mac, Adobe/Macromedia products and other software at reduced rates from the WISC (Wisconsin Integrated Software Catalog) web site. Please review the online instructions and FAQs sections for assistance if needed.  Microsoft also offers discount software to students at http://www.theultimatesteal.com.

Software purchased from the employee personal purchase site must be installed on a personal computer you own. There are no refunds/returns or reimbursements on purchases made from WISC.

Some Microsoft software may be obtained at no charge from the university and installed on home computers as part of UWSP's "Work At Home" contract with Microsoft. You may wish to check with IT Purchasing to see if the Microsoft product you are interested in is included in the contract. Windows operating Systems (Windows XP, Vista, 7, etc.) are not included in this agreement and must be purchased by the staff member for their personal computer.

If a department wishes to purchase software for their employee's personal computer, they should contact IT Purchasing for assistance.

Employees can also often purchase software when they buy a new computer. The University Store sells software as do other local vendors.