​Windows Wireless Printing Guide

  1. Go to the Wireless Printing Website. (NOTE: This only works with Internet Explorer.)
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  2. Click on the Building and lab that you would like to connect to.
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  3. Find the printer you want to print to. (NOTE: Every printer has it's name and printer model on the front of the printer.)
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  4. Once you find the printer you desire. Click Connect now!
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  5. Make sure when asked for your log-on creditials, you include @uwsp.edu at the end of your username.
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  6. You'll then be brought to a new page. an "Add Printer Connection" dialog box should then appear asking "Do you want to add a printer connection to \\print6.uwsp.edu\printername.pas?" Click Yes.
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  7. You may be prompted to enter your log-on creditials again. Remember to add @uwsp.edu at the end of your username.
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