​I can't save items to Myfiles?

Each student, faculty and staff myFiles network storage space has a size limit of 10 GB.  If you reach this limit you will no longer be able to save files to this location.  If you need to keep more than 10 GB of data, consider the following alternative solutions.

  1. If you have large files that need to be maintained for a class, ask your professor whether the class has a campus file storage location you may use, then move your course files there.
  2. Save your files to CDs, DVDs, flash drives, or external hard drives from a campus computer lab workstation or from your personal device.   
  3. Consider saving your files to a non-UWSP cloud storage location. File storage space is often provided by personal email services, so you may already have some available to you.  And, if you search the Internet for ‘free cloud file storage,’ you can find lots of free storage options.
  4. Technology Tutors in the Tutoring-Learning Center provide one-on-one instruction to manage your myFiles space. Visit the Technology Tutoring website to learn more about this service.