Faculty Services

College Support Team

The College Support Team focuses on meeting the specialized technology needs for each college.  Many of the classrooms, lecture halls, and teaching laboratories at UWSP include specialized equipment to aid instruction.  

Distance Learning

Distance Learning at UW Stevens Point connects students with educators from campuses in the UW System via two way video and audio. Utilizing the internet, connections are conducted in real time, using high definition​ video. Instructional content as well as the presenter is displayed simultaneously on side by side monitors

Faculty TEC : hub - Technology for Evolving Curriculums  

The TEC : hub provides faculty with the resources, training, and follow-up support to succcessfully evaluate whether a chosen instrucional technology is a good fit.
The TEC : hub provides support for widely adapted teaching tech, including: D2L Brightspace, clickers, Lynda.com training resources, and Scantron test scoring,.

The TEC : hub provides a welcoming environment for faculty to explore these and new tecnologiesh, in private, or with the help of an Instructional Technologist.

The TEC : hub provides access to new and emerging technologies for instructors to explore and evaluate technology for use in instruction.

Some examples of technologies supported by the TEC : hub include:

Class and Lab Resources