Test Scoring

Test Scoring is a part-time service provided by Information Technology. It is available to all faculty and staff who teach courses for UWSP credit.

Test Scoring DOES NOT process Surveys. Please contact ADMINISTRATIVE INFORMATION SYSTEMS (AIS), x3951.

Test Scoring Location: Test Scoring dropoff has moved. Tests may be dropped of in LRC 206, or at the IT HelpDesk, LRC 027.

Test Scoring Hours: M-F 8:00 am - 4:30 pm

Turnaround time: We attempt to email results for exams scored within 24-48 business hours.

Where to get scantron sheets: your department should be able to supply you with student scantron sheets prior to an exam. Test Scoring does not supply these.

Test Scoring Checklist - Each test brought to Test Scoring must have:
  • An Exam Scoring Request Form (click here for form)
  • An intercampus envelope to hold the exam sheets. Include the following information on the front: Instructor Name, Department and Building. PLEASE DO NOT SEND EXAMS THROUGH INTERCAMPUS MAIL—HAND DELIVER TO LRC 206.
  • Your answer key – with the instructor’s staff ID bubbled in identification field.
  • Student ID numbers and names bubbled on all exam answer sheets. IDs should be bubbled starting from the left of the ID field. An ID number consists of 8 digits and is located on the UWSP ID card.
  • Exam answer key and student answer sheets filled out using a No. 2 lead pencil.
  • Student answer sheets all facing the same direction.
  • No blank scantron sheets included with exams to be scored.
Please check your tests carefully prior to bringing to Test Scoring.

How Do I...
  • If you would like a test question ignored, do not fill in any circles on the answer key.
  • If you want credit given for all answers to a test question, fill in all the circles.
After Your Exam Is Scored
You will receive an automated email from Test Scoring containing your test results. Note: please look these over as soon as you receive your results. If you have questions contact us at testscore@uwsp.edu.

A Web View interface for Test Scores on the Web has been added to allow you to view test scores using a Web browser.

This interface allows you to:
  • View additional reports
  • Modify question point values
  • Release scores and the key (optional) to students
You and your students can find Test Scores on the Web by going to your MyPoint portal, Academics tab. Test Scores on the web is located in the Course Information box at the right.

Instructor Key and Student Answer Sheet

Test Results Display Formats
Examples of Individual Test Result Reports
  • Example 1 - Test Results By Last Name
  • Example 2- Test Results By Student ID Number
  • Example 3 - Test Results By Raw Score, Last Name Displayed
  • Example 4 - Test Results By Raw Score, Student ID Number Displayed
Examples of Individual Item Response Reports
Provides test results and a detailed report per student of questions missed and the selection made for each.
  • Example 1 - Report By Last Name
  • Example 2 - Report By Student ID Number
  • Example 3 - Report By Raw Score, Last Name Displayed
  • Example 4 - Report By Raw Score, Student ID Number Displayed
Other Test Result Formats

Contact Information

206 Learning Resource Center (LRC)
Main Office Phone: 715-346-2529
Monday - Friday:        8:00am - 4:30pm