Tablet Upgrade Fund

The tablet upgrade fund is made available by the Academic Affairs Office and allows general purpose revenue (GPR) faculty and instructional staff the ability to purchase and/or replace a tablet every three years.

Program Guidelines:

  • The program provides a 32 GB iPad in black or white, a travel case, and a standard set of productivity software.  This is the current configuration, additional tablet options will be added as the program moves forward.
  • Accessories or purchases that exceed the program offering are paid for at the department's expense.
  • Funding is allocated based on the total number of GRP faculty and instructional staff in each college.
  • For security and confidentiality purposes, tablets will be maintained with software provided by UWSP's Information Technology Department.  Such software may enforce the use of a pin number, provide the ability wipe a lost device remotely, and provide software to the device.
  • Tablets have a one year manufacturer warranty and do not include accidental damage coverage.  During the expected three year life of the tablet, costs for the repair or replacement of non-functional tablets not covered by warranty will be split evenly between the department and the program fund.  Costs other than for non-functional tablets (e.g., lost charging cord) will be the sole responsibility of the department. 
  • Unless there is demonstrated need, tablets should stay in use by the same person for the entire three-year period.
  • Tablets purchased under the program remain the property of the University and are to be returned to Information Technology when replaced by a new tablet or when the employee is no longer employed by the University (e.g., employment elsewhere, termination, retirement, etc.).  The distribution of returned tablets will be handled at the discretion of Information Technology.

Contact your College Support Team member for additional details about the program.

For information about purchasing apps and additional guidelines surrounding the use of university owned tablets visit the Tablet FAQ page.