Add-On Features For Personal Use

These features are available for an additional charge. You must have a compatible phone to access the desired feature. If you exceed the feature allotment, you will be charged for overages.

International Roaming is the ability to use your wireless device to make or receive calls, send and receive messages, and use data while traveling outside the U.S.  If you use your device outside the U.S., then you're using international roaming.
  • Only international roaming charges apply when traveling outside the U.S. You won't be charged for international long distance in addition to international roaming.
  • All calls made or received while roaming internationally bill at the per-minute international roaming rate or deduct from your international roaming calling package.
  • While roaming internationally, calls sent to voicemail when your phone is active and if busy/no answer will incur twice the per-minute charge.
  • Messages received while roaming abroad deduct from your domestic messaging package. Without a package, domestic pay-per-use rates apply to messages received while traveling abroad.
*Note: All rates are subject to change, without notice.

Passport Package Options - One-time charge, valid for 30 days, automatic expiration

​Package ​Talk ​Messages Sent ​Data Allowance/Overage $
​$40 ​$1.00/min ​Unlimited ​200MB - $0.25/MB
​$60 ​$0.50/min ​Unlimited ​300MB - $0.20/MB
​$120 ​$0.35/min ​Unlimited ​800MB - $0.15/MB

 *International Wi-Fi is unlimited for all packages, with a compatible device.  Must download AT&T Passport app and register to access hotspots.