Our Program

In coordination with the School of Health Promotion & Human Development at the University of Wisconsin-Stevens Point, UWSP Adventure Tours develops wellness vacations focused on group adventures for active adults. For 30 years, UWSP Adventure Tours has been leading safe and adventurous tours around the world. The tours encourage fun and healthy living activities along each journey and prepare each participant for the challenges (large and small) ahead. Each group tour focuses on the 7 dimensions of wellness; everything from local foods to the intensity of an alpine hike and the amount of relaxation are considered for every tour. Whether stateside or abroad, each tour is designed differently, includes educational experiences and may involve hiking, biking, rafting, birding, canoeing, walking, kayaking, canyoneering, abseiling, kloofing, exploring historical sites, zip-lining, snorkeling, SCUBA, visiting museums, relaxing on the beach, and more... Led by current or retired UWSP faculty and staff, our tours have a unique niche in providing a UWSP perspective and leadership experience that stems from tour leaders' travel experiences and research. Yet, no matter where the tour leads, participants' wellness is at the forefront of each tour! Whether you're a community member, family, student, or alumni, our tours are open to anyone who is in good health and has a sense of adventure.


Goals of the Program

  1. Encourage adults to take the initiative and lead more healthy/active lifestyles through wellness travel
  2. Increase global awareness and cultural sensitivity
  3. Enhance the image of the School of Health Promotion & Human Development  


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Unfortunately, our tours do not carry academic credit. If you're interested in credit-based travel please visit the HPHD Study Abroad page or the Office of International Education.


Financial Aid

Unfortunately, since our tours DO NOT carry credit, financial aid is not available for students. The only "aid" available for students is the $50 student discount and the $20 email newsletter signup.

Employer Wellness Incentives

UWSP Adventure Tours partners with businesses to provide an enticing wellness incentive in the form of a FREE tour to one employee. The employer can host a wellness/biometric challenge/competition or coordinate other competitive programing to meet their worksite wellness goals. As decided by the employer, the employer or the emplyee can choose the tour of their choice as long as the trip hasn't filled already. In order to make this wellness prize cost-effective for businesses, UWSP Adventure Tours subsidizes 1/2 of the cost of one tour. These partnerships are only for those businesses who coordinate worksite wellness programs. Please contact Program Manager Trevor Roark at adventure.tours@uwsp.edu or 715-340-8186 for more details.


Past participants have ranged in ages from 15-84. However, the minimum age to participate is 8 (*except for the Hike Grand Canyon tour, minimum age is 18 for this tour). Participants 8-17 years old must be accompanied by a parent or guardian. Participants must be in good health, have a spirit of flexibility, and have a sense of adventure. Each tour allows for different levels of ability and physical fitness. However, more physically demanding tours (I.E. Hiking the Grand Canyon Rim to Rim) should be carefully considered before registering. It's best to contact the Tour Leader(s) or Program Manager if you have concern over your ability to travel on any specific tour.


Deposits & Payments

A deposit is required to confirm registration and will be applied towards the cost of the trip. Simple and secure online registration is available through UWSP's online payment system. Upon receipt of deposit, participants wil receive a confirmation letter and payment schedule. 


Cancellations and Refunds

Cancellations of tours must be made in writing up to 16 weeks prior to departure and will be refunded in full less your nonrefundable deposit. Requests made within 16 weeks of and prior to 45 days before departure will be refunded 50% of the tour payments (excluding your nonrefundable deposit). Cancellations made within 45 days of departure will not be refunded.
Nonrefundable deposit exception: Deposit and current payment(s) can only be refunded at 60% through an appeal in writing up to 16 weeks prior to departure. To appeal, a participant must present in writing to UWSP Adventure Tours for review, the related hardship and proof of "no cancellation coverage" from travel insurance. (new policy effective 27 Apr. 2015)

Refunds for Missed Days

We are unable to grant refunds for any missed portions of a tour because of missed or delayed flights. Additionally, no refund is guaranteed for any feature of the tour not used as a result of weather, personal health, or social disturbance.


UWSP Adventure Tours does not provide travel insurance, medical, or emergency evacuation and thus you are 100% responsible for these expenses. We strongly advise you purchase travel insurance as soon as possible after registering for a tour because some insurance providers only guarantee certain benefits within a short time after you make a tour deposit. We also advise carryng health insurance while on any tour as well.

Participants may want to consider short-term traveler's insurance that covers baggage, accident/life, trip interruption, trip cancellation, and more...

Visit Travel Insurance Review​ to answer any of your travel insurance questions, get tips & advice, or compare different providers. 


Tour Transfers

Participants may transfer a registration from one tour to another within the same calendar year, provided that space is available. Notification for transfer must be received within 120 days before departure of earlier tour. 



Qualified UWSP students can take a semester-long practicum course through UWSP Adventure Tours. Student(s) will focus on marketing, brand development, and local outreach for wellness/adventure travel. Please contact UWSP Adventure Tours program manager for more information.


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