Peer Advising Center

Who are Peer Advisers?

  • Peer advisers are juniors and senior level students majoring in either dietetics, health promotion/wellness, or family & consumer science
  • Have a 3.0 or above Grade Point Average and good communication skills
  • Understand and convey information from UW-Stevens Point Timetables and Catalogues

What do Peer Advisers Do?

  • Show students how to find the answers to their questions by using the UW-Stevens Point Timetables and Catalogues
  • Answer student questions regarding UW-Stevens Point general degree requirements, general education program requirements, and degree requirements of majors within the School of Health Promotion & Human Development
  • Review student degree progress reports
  • Make appropriate referrals when they don't know the answers to student questions
  • Maintain confidentiality
  • Have fun meeting and talking with their peers!


How is my adviser assigned?

You are assigned to the HPHD Advising Center when you declare a major in dietetics, health promotion/wellness or family & consumer sciences. You can declare an HPHD major at any time, provided you meet department GPA requirements.

You must declare your major to be assigned to the HPHD Advising Center. If you would like to declare a major in dietetics, health promotion/wellness or family & consumer sciences, you need to make an appointment with the HPHD Advising Coordinator, Toni Sage. To make an appointment, stop by CPS 216 and sign-up for an appointment that works with your schedule. The sign-up schedule is located on the counter in CPS 216.

You will advise through the HPHD Advising Center until you are assigned to a faculty adviser. Dietetic students are assigned to a faculty adviser once they successfully complete Chemistry 220; health promotion/wellness majors are assigned to a faculty adviser once they complete the application process and are fully accepted to the major, typically this occurs during second semester sophomore year; family & consumer science majors are assigned to a faculty adviser upon acceptance to the School of Education (teach ed option), or first semester junior year (FLE option).

Can I have more than one adviser?

HPHD students are assigned one adviser. If you have an additional major or a minor outside HPHD, you will be advised by an adviser in that major or minor.

Advising occurs at least once each semester. Before students can register for classes, they are required to have met with their adviser. The following information is discussed during advising HPHD Peer Advising Center.

Advising check points for you to consider while a part of the Peer Advising Center:

  • Are the courses taken in appropriate sequence? Use the general degree requirements or general education program requirements on your sample program of study for filling in coursework.
    • It is imperative that you take you required science courses in the years suggested.
    • If the sections to needed classes are closed, the student needs to go to the department or instructor and sign up on the waiting list. Then, the first week of class must be attended to be considered for the class.
    • Courses should be taken in the sequence suggested to maximize understanding. Many courses are not listed as prerequisites but instructors assume that the student has taken these courses. For example, knowledge from HD 265 is applied (and not reviewed) for FN 373 and FN 393.
  • Did your adviser discuss the need for volunteer work while a UWSP student?
  • Did your adviser discuss the need for work experience within the field while a UWSP student?
  • Is it clear what your minor is? The dietetics degree is a nutrition major, therefore the minor would not be applicable. Other minors which may be useful to Dietetics majors are chemistry (the major is one course short of the minor) or business, psychology or foreign languages.
  • Did your adviser discuss the importance of a strong GPA, and that a GPA above 3.0 gives you the best competitive edge for your career after graduation? (Most internships look for a GPA of 3.0 or above) If you need help at any time in your academic career, resources are available for Tutoring, Academic Assessments, or Career Services.
    • There is help on campus for writing, taking notes, getting the most from textbook reading, etc. Most chemistry classes have help sessions and tutoring. ALL instructors are available for assistance BUT you must come prepared with questions, your notes and the chapters already read (i.e. the student must also fulfill their responsibilities). ALL instructors are here to help you succeed.
  • Your HPHD major is a bachelor of science major. This means many science courses, so seek help and resources as soon as possible if needed.
  • Did your adviser discuss success in college? Success in college is the same as success in high school--a strong academic performance, involvement in extra-curricular activities (i.e. volunteer activities on campus and in the community) and job experience. Get to know your instructors as they will be writing references for you some day.
  • As an HPHD major, you will take an introductory course specific to your major. This course provides guidance for your success at UWSP.
  • Did your adviser talk about joining our HPHD student organizations? This is a great volunteer opportunity, experience in a professional organization and great way to get advice and help from others in the major.

The Advising Process

The Peer Advising Center is located in CPS room 216.

Students will receive emails from the HPHD advising coordinator, Toni Sage, regarding the peer advising process. Peer advising begins four to six weeks prior to the first day of registration. Students must bring two copies of their degree progress report to their advising appointment.

Your registration date and time can be found under the Academics tab on your MyPoint account. This time is based on the number of credits completed prior to the current semester.

Students are not allowed to register prior to their scheduled date and time, but can register anytime after this. You will not be permitted to register without first meeting with an adviser.