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Percent of students hired or enrolled in graduate school within a year of graduating.
Number of scholarships available to geography and geology students.


Professor of Geology
Professor Kevin Hefferan is interested in earth materials, structural geology and tectonics, and geologic mapping in deserts and mountain belts. His recent research has led him to northwest Africa and Idaho.

Study your environment through geography and geology at UW-Stevens Point

At the University of Wisconsin-Stevens Point, geography majors are detectives who try to reveal the past and future of the Earth. Geography majors enjoy studying the relationship between people, places and the planet. If this sounds intriguing to you, consider joining us in the Department of Geography and Geology.

The geography major is offered with four options: geographic information science and cartography, human geography, physical geography and urban planning, along with a major for teacher certification. The geoscience major incorporates the study of earth materials, geologic processes and geospatial relationships. Geoscience includes aspects of earth science, geology, physical geography and geographic techniques such as mapping and geographic information systems.

Minors include earth science, environmental geography, geographic information systems and spatial analysis, geology, geography and geography for teacher certification.

Several well-equipped computer-based laboratories allow students practical experience with the latest computer applications in geography and geoscience.


Geography and Geology faculty

All faculty in the department hold doctorates in geography or geology.  Faculty have training and interests in cartography, geographic information systems, climatology, geomorphology, hydrology, natural hazards, environmental science, and cultural, economic and urban geography.


Post-graduate opportunities

Graduates with a bachelor’s degree in geography or geoscience often find employment in private firms, in local, state and federal agencies, and in teaching, primarily at the secondary level.  The minor in geology is intended to be used in conjunction with other disciplines and is most commonly combined with a major in geoscience, geography, water resources or soil science.  The minor is particularly useful for students interested in work in hydrogeology, soil mapping, mine reclamation or mineral exploration.