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First-Year Experience

New Freshmen Course Selection 

To help maximize your advising session, please complete the following worksheets prior to your orientation date. 

Step 1 

Print a copy of the General Education Program Advising Worksheet and identify at least 8-10 courses of interest.  Use the General Education Program (GEP) booklet to review course descriptions.  

When selecting courses, identify 1-2 courses of interest from each category. For example, under the Investigation Level, students are required to take at least one 3 credit course from each category (Arts, Humanities, Historical Perspectives, Social Sciences and Natural Sciences) to graduate.  Don’t worry about how the courses will match with your intended major(s), as your academic adviser will meet with you to finalize your schedule based on your major, courses of interests and seat availability.

Step 2

Print a copy of the First Year Seminar Advising Worksheet and identify at least 5-7 First Year Seminar courses that interest you.  Use the First Year Seminars: Fall 2014 booklet to review these course descriptions.