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First-Year Experience

Meet with your Peer Mentor that you met at Orientation!  

This is the time to catch up with your Orientation Peer Mentor. You can ask

questions, play games and catchup with the friends you made at Orientation!

Peer Mentor Party Locations:

Chelsey Crook - Colman Track and Field

Marie Humes - Baldwin Hall Basement

Erin Jensen - North Recreational Field

Maddie Moua - Meet outside the DUC, Laird Room

Kelsey Majerus - Meet at Dog Sculpture by the CCC and NFAC

Alex Purdy - Meet in the DUC, Legacy Room

Emily Sanchez - Meet on the Football Practice Field

Rachel Siebers - Meet at the gazebo by Baldwin Hall

Tyler Umentum - Meet at the Football Practice Field (6:00PM)

Andre White - Meet at the South Recreation Field

Check your Peer Mentor's Facebook page for more details!