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First-Year Experience

Placement Testing - Frequently Asked Questions

Do I need to take the placement tests if I completed college courses?

If you have completed college-level courses with a passing grade and the course transfers to UWSP for college credit, you will not need to take the corresponding placement test in English, Math, or Foreign Language.  For example, if you completed a college-level English course and the course transfers to UWSP as English 101 or English 150 (first-year English courses, required for graduation), you would not need to take the English placement test.  Please verify that the completed course transfer to UWSP by either using the Transfer Information System or contacting the Admissions Office at (715) 346-2441.  Please be sure to send official transcripts from all postsecondary institutions through which you completed courses to the UWSP Admissions Office.


I am currently enrolled in an AP (English, Math, or Foreign Language) course; do I still need to take the placement tests?

It is still recommended that you take the placement tests.  Although the tests are administered in May, results are not sent to students until mid-July.  Orientation (when you register for classes) takes place June-July, meaning that you would not have your placement scores in time to register for classes.  In addition, if you do not receive a 3 or better on the AP test, you will still be required to take a placement test.  Keep in mind that you can always make changes to your schedule after Orientation if needed once you receive your AP scores.


When will I receive my placement test results?

Students receive their placement test results during Orientation.  Your adviser and your peer mentor will give you your scores and explain your score in the context of the UWSP curriculum.  


I have completed an AP test (English, Math, or Foreign Language) and received a 3 or higher.  Do I still need to take the placement test?

No, you would not need to take the placement test if you received a 3 or better on a corresponding AP test.  Please be sure to send a copy of your AP score report to the Admissions Office to verify your results and apply the appropriate credits to your Degree Progress Report.  Please review our AP Examination Policy for further information about how your AP test score will earn you credit at UWSP.


Why do UWSP students need to complete a writing sample during Orientation if they have already taken the regional English placement test?

The UWSP English department prefers to use a writing sample in addition to the English regional placement exam in order to determine the most accurate English placement as students are testing to be placed into a composition course.  Your writing score will be used in conjunction with your regional placement test score to determine your UWSP English placement.  If you have earned a 3 or better on an AP English test or you have completed an English course for college credit, you would not be required to complete this writing sample during Orientation.


What happens if I do not take the placement test before Orientation or if my scores are not received in time for my Orientation?

You will not be able to register for math or foreign language courses without a placement score.  Your writing sample will suffice as your English placement.  After Orientation, you are welcome to make changes to your schedule before the fall semester.  When we receive your placement scores, you will then be able to add a math or foreign language course to your schedule if needed/desired.  If needed, it is perfectly acceptable for you to take a math or foreign language course in your second semester.

What  if I need testing accomodations?

Students who may qualify for test accommodation services, first need to provide our Disability Services office with documentation of their disability and a need for extended time on tests.  Once qualified, they can receive additional time for taking the Writing Test at UWSP. if they take their Math or Foreign Language placement test at UWSP, our office can approve the additional time as well.  The student would still need to connect with either the Math Department or Foreign Language Department and register to take the tests during the times they are administered.

For students taking the math and Foreign Language (if applicable) exams at another institution, they can check the contact information page for each of the campuses at; and sign up for their tests.  The contact person for qualifying for test accommodations is through the Test & Evaluation Services Coordinator at UW-Madison (Tim O’Connor, 608 262-9151 or


Do you have further questions?  If so, please contact the First-Year Experience office at (715) 346-2457 or