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Sept 17 - Oct 8Fall Transition Survey
Oct 29 - Nov 12Fall Check-Up Survey
Feb 4 - Feb 25Spring Transition Survey
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Frequently Asked Questions:

What is MAP-Works?

MAP-Works - Making Achievement Possible - is a Web-based program that helps students stay on track by directing them to campus resources specific to their individual needs, per the students' survey responses. MAP-Works also provides a way for faculty and staff to connect and collaborate, ensuring the student receives all the support he or she needs to successfully transition to UW-Stevens Point.

Who is it for?

All new first-year students and undeclared transfer students.

How does it work?

During the 3rd week of classes, you will be asked to take a survey. Survey results, along with admissions information, provide the basis for an individualized report identifying strengths and weaknesses and suggesting resources to address any potential transitional barriers early on. This report will help you take control of your education and UWSP experience. You will receive a follow-up survey during the 10th week of the semester and again during the 3rd week of the spring semester.

Why should I use it?

MAP-Works can help to improve your academic performance by calling your attention to potential problem areas in the individualized report and providing you with campus resources to ease any transitional barriers. Additionally, we hope the program encourages you to make the most of your time at UW-Stevens Point by enjoying positive non-academic experiences.

How should I use it?

The first step is to complete the survey during the 3rd week of the semester. Afterwards, you can use your individualized report to reflect on whether you would like to improve your academic habits or become involved in campus activities. From there, you can make use of on-campus resources to make those positive changes. MAP-Works will help you connect with campus resources and have conversations with faculty and staff who are here to help you.

What types of things does the survey cover?

The questions ask about academic abilities, homesickness, health and wellness, as well as study and time-management skills. Some of the questions will be about your expectations and priorities while others will ask you about your social and academic habits.

How long does it take to complete the survey?

Typically it takes 15 minutes to complete the survey.

What should I do with the report?

You will receive an individualized report that highlights your strengths and weaknesses in three main categories: ‘earning the grades you expect,’ ‘connecting with others,’ and ‘paying for college.’ Each subcategory, such as time management and campus involvement, will have a one of four scores. You can use this information to reflect on areas you would like to improve upon. For example, if you are struggling with choosing a major, the report will provide you with information about Career Services on campus.  The report will also include the contact information of several offices around campus that could be helpful based on your needs.

What will happen if MAP-Works indicates that I may need support?

If your report indicates that ‘an issue may exist,’ UW-Stevens Point faculty or staff might reach out to you. For example, if the report indicates you are homesick, your residence hall director might reach out to you.  However, most students will not be contacted by anyone, and will have the primary responsibility for learning from the report and acting on it. We encourage everyone to use the campus resources provided to you in the report to address any areas that you think may need improvement. The program should help to develop ties between students and the UW-Stevens Point faculty and staff who can help them.

To take the MAP-Works survey, follow this link: MAP-Works

For questions regarding MAP-Works please contact:

Ann Wilkes, MAP-Works/Orientation Coordinator, First-Year Experience