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First-Year Experience

Students know they are on the right path when they:


View themselves as a contributing member of an inclusive UWSP Community

  • Student will positively identify with UWSP's educational and social structure

*Learn the school fight song

*Know whose who on campus--Did you know Al Thompson is Vice Chancellor of Student Affairs AND Chief Diversity Officer?!

  • Student will have a sense of belonging and common experiences with other new students at UWSP

                    *Do you own something PURPLE?

                 *Go to Convocation!

  • Student believes that they have a meaningful voice on campus

                 *Run for office in your major's club

                 *Join your Hall Government

  • Student will understand and honor differences

*Learn something new about a different group of people you never knew        about before coming to UWSP   


Make positive connections with peers, faculty, and staff members of UWSP Community

  • Student will connect with peers and student mentors

                *Join your peer mentor's Facebook

  • Student is aware and involved in co-curricular experiences

*Sign up for an Intramural Sport!

*Go to a Centertainment Production!

  • Student uses campus resources

*When's the last time you went to the Tutoring Learning Center? Go! They WILL help you receive a better grade!

  • Student has intentional interactions with students, faculty and staff

*Visit your professors during office hours--they are not THAT scary!


Gain academic competence and confidence as a college student

  • Student will have a meaningful Orientation and transition experience

*Do you know your way around campus?

  • Student will develop an academic plan that includes major choice, plan of study, and General Education Plan

*See your advisor and create a plan for the next four years

  • Student will take part in the MAP-Works survey designed to let advisors and others know how the student is transitioning

*Check your email, take the survey--it's easy!

  • Students will seek appropriate academic assistance 

*Everybody needs a little help along the way--Give it a try!


Engage in responsible behaviors and healthy lifestyle choices

  • Student is accountable for their own choices and behaviors, and they recognize the impact of those choices on the larger community

*Yeah, it is your life--so think about it!


  • Student understands concept of wellness and the benefits of displaying healthy behaviors and relationships

*Yeah, it is your body--you've only got one!

*Eat a nutritious lunch at the CPS cafe, work out at the Allen Center

  • Student learns about and accepts fiscal responsibility

*Yeah, it is your bank account--is there any money in it?

*Visit US Bank in the DUC



Together we will create a fantastic experience!