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Foreign Languages

Collaborative Language Program

The Collaborative Language Prgoram makes less commonly taught languages (LCTLs) available to students at all UW campuses through distributed learning technologies. UW-Stevens Point participates by sending Chinese and receiving Arabic, Japanese and Russian. Each course received on campus is facilitated by a qualified speaker of that language.

Languages taught at UW-Stevens Point and sent to other campuses:

Chinese: taught by Remya Sarma-Traynor, sent to UW–Oshkosh and the University of Dayton.

Languages received at UW-Stevens Point from other campuses:

Arabic: sent from UW–Whitewater, taught by Hala I A Ghoneim (email).
Japanese: sent from UW–Oshkosh, taught by Ms. Shoko Emori and Dr. Yoshiro Hania.
Russian: sent from UW–LaCrosse, taught by Natalia Roberts (email).