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Michael DemchikMichael Demchik, Ph.D.


Contact Information
Phone: (715) 295-8910
Fax: (715) 346-3624
Office: TNR 246


Pennsylvania State University                                         
Post-Doc Environmental Resources Research Institute
Pennsylvania State University                                         
Ph.D. Forest Resources                                                    
West Virginia University                                                    
M.S. Biology                                                                       
West Virginia University                                                    
B.S.F. Forest Resources Management                         

Honors and Awards

2012                       CNR Scholarship Award
2009                       Leadership Mentor Award
2008                       CNR Outstanding Professional Service Award
2007                       CNR Outstanding Teaching Award


Schwartz, K. and Demchik M.  2012.  Stump Sprouting of Oaks on Dry-Nutrient Poor Sandy Soils in Central Wisconsin. Central Hardwoods Conference.  Morgantown, WV
Demchik, M and Demchik, E.  2011.  Observations on the growth and time requirements for Native American polycultures.  Plains Anthropologist. 56:71-81.
Demchik, M., Abbas, D., Arnosti, D, Current, D., Johnson, P. and Theimer, M.  2009.  Combining Biomass Harvest and Forest Fuel Reduction in the Superior National Forest, Minnesota, USA.  Journal of Forestry.  107(5): 235-241.
Demchik, M., Current, D., and Zamora, D.  2009.  Outreach to the Woody Biomass Industry in Minnesota.  Journal of Extension.  47(5):5IAW1.
Mujuri, E. And Demchik, M.  2009.  Northern Pin Oak Stump Sprouting on Scrub Oak Sites of Central Wisconsin.  Northern Journal of Applied Forestry, 26(2): 83-85