Michael DemchikMichael Demchik, Ph.D.

Professor and Discipline Coordinator

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Phone: (715) 346-3214
Fax: (715) 346-3624
Office: TNR 246





Michael Demchik grew up in southern West Virginia in unincorporated Pond Fork. With freedom to explore the outdoors, a mountain on one side and stream on the other, a future career in natural resources just made sense. Demchik is currently a professor of silviculture and the forestry discipline coordinator at the University of Wisconsin-Stevens Point. His previous positions included an Extension Forester specializing in farm forestry in Minnesota, a state Maple Syrup and Non-Timber Forest Products specialist in Pennsylvania and a number of other jobs ranging across federal, state and private industries in West Virginia, Maryland and Wisconsin.  


  • B.S.F. Forest Resources Management, West Virginia University
  • M.S. Biology, West Virginia University
  • Ph.D. Forest Resources, Pennsylvania State University

Honors and Awards

  • 2012                       CNR Scholarship Award 
  • 2009                       Leadership Mentor Award 
  • 2008                       CNR Outstanding Professional Service Award 
  • 2007                       CNR Outstanding Teaching Award 


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Demchik, M and Demchik, E.  2011.  Observations on the growth and time requirements for Native American polycultures.  Plains Anthropologist. 56:71-81. 

Demchik, M., Abbas, D., Arnosti, D, Current, D., Johnson, P. and Theimer, M.  2009.  Combining Biomass Harvest and Forest Fuel Reduction in the Superior National Forest, Minnesota, USA.  Journal of Forestry.  107(5): 235-241.  

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Demchik, M., Current, D., and Zamora, D.  2009.  Outreach to the Woody Biomass Industry in Minnesota.  Journal of Extension.  47(5):5IAW1. 

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