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Financial Aid

Student Employment

There are many opportunities to work part-time while attending school at UW-Stevens Point, and well over 1,600 students do so while attending school. In addition, hundreds of others are assisted with finding work in the community. Many others find work themselves. Working part-time while attending school clearly has become very popular for many students.
UW-Stevens Point is fortunate enough to have a Student Involvement and Employment Office (SIEO) to assist students in their part-time job hunt. Located in the University Center lower level, this office has a dedicated staff that is in touch with employers all over the campus and in the community always looking for employment opportunities for students here at the University.

College Work Study Program

Before work-study will be included on a student’s award (1) the student has to indicate on the FAFSA interest in work-study, (2) the student must meet the current UWSP qualifications, and (3) work-study money must be available. If awarded work-study, the student must work with the Student Involvement and Employment Office to secure a job. It is beneficial for students to work on this program because, unlike other forms of employment, CWSP does not reduce grant and other need-based aid eligibility the next year (“need-based” wages are excluded from the analysis of need).

Finding Jobs

The University Food Service hires a large number of students to help with meal service. Any student interested in working in one of these positions should make contact directly with the Food Service Office at 209 University Center for more information.

Stevens Point Community

Some of the most interesting (and lucrative) work can be found in the community. The Student Involvement and Employment Office participates in the Federal Job Locator and Development program; this means employment opportunities are generated in the local marketplace. Anything is possible here: work at a local major industry, doing personal assistance with retired faculty members or work with a local community resident just to name a few. Job openings are posted at the Student Involvement and Employment Office, where students can register for the kind of work they would like, so that when a new position opens up they can be contacted. So if you want a job, we've got a great place for you to go; just visit the Student Involvement and Employment Office (SIEO).​